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We come down to Dawlish everytime the kids are on holiday from school, has i work in a school. So we come down to our caravan every 6/7 weeks( from April to Oct) and stay there for 6 weeks in the summer holidays. Been coming here since i was a kid and then my children was here for there holidays so its a home from home.... The place is packed like sardines in the main season. Ive heard people say ...

26 Nov 2011

Hi there We have a caravan at Cofton on their seasonal pitches, and yes the views are lovely where we are sited. But its like you have said people want these sort of things and if you want holiday makers there you have to make these changes.

I do now they was charging £300 pound from Monday to Friday last week ( half term) has a friend of mine got in touch with Ladysmile to see what the prices where. In the end went to Cofton Park that was half the price. Hi there.... I come on here and like to read whats going on in Dawlish. So im new to writting on here....