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Agree with Mcjrpc about the station, how can something so iconic also be a total emabarrassment to our town.

Well that's the east side of Dawlish spoilt forever, next it's the west side. Although we already know that a small number of houses are going to be built at Southdowns, I am puzzled as to why wildlife surveys are being carried out on all the other fields close by. I have a feeling that another proposal for a huge housing estate will soon raise it's ugly head.

Don't think you know much about photography

As a responsible dog owner myself and know many other dog owners I would say that the irresponsible ones are in the minority here and that the few are getting a bad name for all dog owners. It doesn't matter how many dog bins or wardens you have, you are never going to stop the lazy dog owners from cleaning up, sorry but it ain't going to happen just like a lot of other things that we all moan ...

How about a photography shop, photos for sale, printing and developing and a decent fishmonger would be brilliant.

I know thats a touchy subject and its been covered many a time on this forum, but my debate is more about the decreasing areas for dog walkers and also the current over use of Dawlish Nature Reserve. Maybe  i should start a new thread.

12 Aug 2013

Another majority landowner has decided to to attack local residents and especially dog owners by stopping walkers using the boundary around the fields near to Southdowns Rd and Oaklands Wood. Signs went up this morning stating that everyone must keep their dogs under close control and stick to the Public footpath. Ok they are the landowners but footpaths have been around those fields for yonks. ...

The website link in the original post has been removed from the web, however for those interested there is a facebook page belonging to the same group.!/groups/305544219465250/

Road Closure
2 Apr 2012

@TheWhoSeeker the photo i saw showed it outside the natwest bank not at the railway station. @neilh lol.

2 Apr 2012

I know it all turned out ok but my first thought is why would anyone leave a bomb outside a bank on a Sunday afternnoon in a quiet part of town? My second question is why would anyone leave a typewriter outside a bank on a Sunday afternoon.........stranger!