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Thank you Brazilnut. I know the one.

10 Jul 2012

Hey everyone. We're going to need a gas bottle for our little camping holiday in August (hope rain has finished by then!). I need a CAMPINGAZ butane cylinder 904 or 907, or the equivalent. Isn't there an out-let on the Shutterton estate which stocks gas cylinders? Thank you :)

Wow-wee! What a lot of really useful information. That's great. I do like the stacking tray idea. It's funny, I'd forgotten that this is exactly how my mam always stores her root veg, never in the fridge. She has always had one of those deeply unfashionable plastic vegetable racks, which she keeps in her little council house pantry from yesteryear! How funny that I forgot this and ended up using ...

Access to Recipes
29 Jun 2012

Hi Tallyrand What a great idea! A cooking/food agony-aunt! I like it. I'll be checking out your recipes when I have time, as I'm always on the look-out for inspiration. I've got a storage type question for you. I'm talking carrots. Whether we buy them from Sainsbury's or Tesco, bagged or loose, organic, or standard, they go floppy within 1-2 days of being stored, loose, at the bottom of the ...

Good morning folks. Thanks for the replies. Appreciated. I'll be back....some good discussions going on here. C

6 Apr 2011

Hi there I hope it's okay asking this question on here. I just want to know if anyone knows of a 'man with a van' service I could use in Dawlish? We have a bulky shelving unit to shift from one bit of the town to another. Thanks :) C