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Thanks Lynne.  I think Dawlish has always been more of a day trip type place.  People stayed in Dawlish Warren generally and tended to be bucket and space type holidays.  I only worked in Dawlish for one year when I was a teenager in the old Sea Chest over somewhere by the Beach Café, can't remember which unit it was now but it wast run by Mary Bealey (sp), an old councillor. I've recently heard ...

17 Apr 2018

Is the appeal declining?  Enough people seem to be flooding here to live in the new houses.

Not as far as I'm aware Lynne. I think he may have been ill recently.

16 Apr 2018

Announcement 1 Having led the college as Principal for the last four years, Mr Simon has decided to leave the college. The Governors have allowed Mr Simon to leave with effect from the end of the Spring Term. Mr Simon has asked that we pass on his thanks to colleagues, parents, Governors and students for their support during his time at the college. The Governors would like to ...

The lady on Facebook said they didn't recognise the owner I think but the dog was a staffie called Dougie.  She's asked for people to ask around to see if they know who it is.

i have @leatash , it was a joke

25 Mar 2018

Currently snowed in by my recycling ;)

There's always your boot ...

What a lovely idea. Wish my kids were going enough, they'd have loved it. There's some great activities for kids. The leisure centre in particular runs some great sessions.

There's some worrying points in this article.  Councillors who don't seem up to the job.