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Someone was asking previously how this could be free to both provider and council. It details this in this report - Neil Blaney, Economy Manager, told the executive on Tuesday morning that it would work by the company who install the network and selling advertising space within an app that businesses can buy into. He said that revenue is generating from that and the future use of the ...

Hear hear. You don't hear the same about cats do you? The amount of wildlife they kill!

28 Apr 2018

You obviously haven't seen some of the comments on the news articles. I haven't said the dog shouldn't be under control have I? My dog would probably attack a bird but I don't put him in that position.

27 Apr 2018

Completely agree leatash. But I find the venom coming from people online quite frightening. There's no reason to put a dog down or target all dogs in general. The owner is the only one who needs to be punished in this case. Dog should have been on a lead, full stop. Take a look at some of the comments about dogs though, nasty.

27 Apr 2018

Why is it that people veer to the extremes?  Who would do this or the battery acid over the cat?  There's been talk of similar finds in Dawlish. The local neighbourhood team have received several reports of food items (particularly sandwiches) containing suspicious pellets placed in and around Starcross village. Possibly containing slug pellets or another unknown chemical. We advise local ...

22 Apr 2018

It sounds as if there were quite a few witnesses who were keen to get involved. Has it definitely been reported that the police won't take action?

Great video, there's some fantastic talent in Dawlish!

I wonder what businesses will do.  Do places like Harrisons go to the bank to cash up or doesn't it work like that anymore?

17 Apr 2018

Due to close 9 October 2018. See -