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He's retiring.

Great optician in the Strand, very supportive.  My son has been using contact lenses since he was 13 that have improved his eye sight.

Perhaps this is what we need to stop us over consuming.

Yes, that's a shame.  They were really helpful when we bought my son's latest bike.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
7 Jul 2018

I wait with interest if they catch the people to see if they're local. Chippy Chaps has also posted CCTV footage of people trying to break into their establishment, wondering if it's related as has Rock and Sole.

Not sure if you're referring to Gay's but despite being on the 'wrong side' of the brook they seem to be one of the shops in Dawlish that does really well.  Often there's queues outside for their cream teas, pasties and (I understand) cheesy Steves!  They must be doing something right!

Introducing the new Neighbourhood Beat Manager for Dawlish........PC Mark Hogan A little bit about Mark: Mark started out as a Special Constable for Hampshire Constabulary for 6 half years before moving to South Devon where he joined Devon and Cornwall Police, serving both Teignmouth and Torbay as a response officer for the past 13 years. PC Hogan is keen to solve local issues affecting ...

Aren't under 40s going to get old then?

@Lynne - do you know who puts the restrictions on the money to spend - why does it have to be new and not improve facilities (eg the manor) and why can't it be spent when needed rather than a rush job where we all know it will be a bodge. I was a young mother once (not long ago cough) and I had no issue walking to the Manor or up to the Spider Park.  Reduce space for the funfair, that would be ...