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I couldn't belive the mention of legal action.  Some people have way too much time on their hands!

'Visions of the future of the Lawn' by the Dawlish Lawn Working Group ais currently at the Library. This includes a questionnaire so please come and have your say in what you think is the best way forward with this.

Sorry if there's a newer thread on this as I can't find it.  Just noticed as I walked past that the Elephant Rock Cafe is now opened at Langstone Rock, the sign said today is the first day.  Looks likey they've done quite a bit of work on it, including a decking area to the right which I'm assuming with have tables and chairs soon.  Didn't have time to stop but I thought it was nice to see.

Barton Car Park
1 Aug 2018

If you actually read threads you'd work it out.  I personally don't care if you change your views or not, you're just someone I would avoid like the plague.  You troll threads and don't respond to the responses. End of conversation for me, feel free to talk to yourself. My response to ziggy on the car parking was from experience in Teignmouth, after someone had issues paying for their ...

1 Aug 2018

I don't have to consider anything thanks and I don't particularly care for your views, so you'll excuse me ignoring them. That's how life works.

1 Aug 2018

Why don't you ask the council?  I'm just replying to Ziggy not you.  As per your post you're not affected.

1 Aug 2018

Usually they have one machine in the car park that accepts money, does the one at the bottom?  This is what they did in Teignmouth.

@Duckileaks - is this what you were looking for?

I've also completed a couple of courses at Dartington, not impressed with the comment about it.

30 Jul 2018

wow really ... these comments?