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It is not about being sore losers, I would have accepted leaving if we had agreed on a deal and left but the Government have made a mess of it, we also now have a lot more knowledge (or should have if not blinded by our biases!) of what it all means. The EU isn't to blame for this mess or the mess of the country, that is and always has been down to the Government.

22 Mar 2019

Stop saying the will of the people. 16 million didn't vote for it and nearly 13 million didn't vote at all. If it was 52% to 48% you wouldn't be saying "the will of the people" as your guiding light Farage said he would have fought that small a margin. We are trying to leave having wasted 2 years, arrogantly believing we can get any deal we want through. seeing the damaged it is doing and no one ...

development of mobile app/website - which site/app is this?

Does not overrule a non-legally binding referendum right? I don't think anyone signing the petition thinks that but it should be debated and considered a real option. So the 2016 non-legally binding referendum overrules the 1975 non-legally binding referendum right?

21 Mar 2019

Over 1,010,000 are from the UK if you are believing the location data. You can read the data in JSON format on the site.

21 Mar 2019

Not listening to experts ... where have I heard that before lol

21 Mar 2019

As an IT consultant for over 20 years I can tell you that IP addresses aren't a 100% reliable indication of location due to software that hides a user's real location, ISPs IP allocation, proxies, VPNs etc. I would expect out of a million people a few hundred or more of the IPs would show the wrong country.

21 Mar 2019

At nearly 700,000 now

21 Mar 2019

Back up. It is estimated there are 300 signatures a second.

21 Mar 2019

This says we don't know those figures so they are either made up or guesstimates

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