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General Discussion

Nigel Farage
23 May 2019

normal? decent? lol Here you go

the white hart
14 May 2019

It'll be good if those standing outside when the weather is good actually moved out the way when people are trying to walk past.

If you increase CO2 you start to lose nutrients over time, iron, zinc, protein. Also increasing CO2 for a short time in an enclosing environment is not the same as the environment. When increasing CO2 you would increase nutrients through fertilisers to increase nitrogen which works with CO2 to increase plant growth. Nitrogen isn't that abundant in the environment. Good resoure form climate ...

I say again we got into this mess because people elected some MEPs who never bothered to attend the European Parliament. Doing the same thing againand electing the BNP sorry Brexit Party candidates is just well stupid.

" And what if there is no party standing that represents your views?" you vote for the party that best aligns. Some parties are closer to your views than others so you vote them.

3 May 2019

@1263 agreed with all of that up until " after the death of free speech, newspaper gagging and PC /blame culture."

Payback day
2 May 2019

@majorp reminds me of ... "It doesn't matter who you vote for, the Government still get in"

Because it will all make a difference and we can put pressure on other countries to do the same

Payback day
2 May 2019

I've always voted Tory << well there's your problem. You've voted for a party who only cares about themselves and the rich.Changing to the purple Tories is also not going to help. Not sure who I will vote for but it won't EVER be Tories, Purple Tories, Red Tories (sorry Change UK), Brexit Party and probably not Labour


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