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15 Jan 2019

There never has been anything for teenagers to do and if there is something it costs too much. Teenagers hang around, its what they do, I did. If they are causing problems then that is a different issue but if they are just sitting around, chatting and laughing what is the problem? Most parents are happy their kids are in their rooms playing on games as they know where there are then.

Philip Green
1 Nov 2018

Nothing that I knew of but I think it's a common standard redundancy agreement when you get a payoff.

1 Nov 2018

This is a difficult one because I think an NDA shouldn't be allowed to hide criminal activity but sometimes this is the only way a victim will see any justice if a pay off is included (if you can call a rich white man paying off a victim, justice). If a victim went to court they may not win, it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. I was made redundant and paid more than statutory ...

Bandstand and other
16 Oct 2018

What you are seeing is a lack of help for homeless people. To be honest, if I was on the streets I might turn to something to make it more bearable. Don't judge people going through hard times. Yes, some refuse help and are not interested in getting off the streets but that is a small minority. The police only "move them on". To where? How does that help? Push them to another area so it is ...

I know I'm late but that link wasn't from a legit news source.

I would agree if we knew what Brexit was going to look like when people voted and people had voted for that but it was based on lies. We have also been arrogant and not negotiated properly expecting the EU to just agree to all our demands. The unfortunate thing is May is the best the Tories have as a leader.

More fearmongering without facts. As the webmaster says this is for creative content.

What do Brexiters have to worry about if we had another vote? If they are so right that out is the correct decision then the country will vote that way again ...

@Lynne maybe!

3 Sep 2018

I asked about the over 40 check-up at the Doctors last year (or maybe earlier this year) and I was told they don't do them anymore unless there are health concerns.

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