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Carer's Posts

This is old news and been around for a couple of years now. I will believe it when I see it happen.

Happy St. Georges' Day everyone.

Well done Hugh and Dawlish RBL, which I know you helped in that a great deal!!!

@1263 Of course, but nothing will be done about it as usual!!

20 Mar 2023

When I first moved to Dawlish, Devon General run the bus service and it was every 15 minutes each way. How times have changed!

Should be publicly flogged.

I mentioned that nearly a week ago.

Only 5 now.

Hope it is a success for them.

I wish they would put double yellow lines along John Nash Drive as when the schools are in term time, it is difficult to see when exiting Summerhayes as all the staff park their cars along JND. That is an accident waiting to happen!