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Carer's Posts

Let's hope the idiot dog owners don't let their animals off the leash and run amok around them.

All very well, but according to Spotlight last night (Monday) when it was announced, we will be losing the x-ray department. Oh well.

Whatever has happened to people using common sense?

@TRB . I presume that all you want then is a platform where you can moan about everything and anything. If you are not interested in anything happening in Dawlish, events or notices,  then why not scroll past those listings. After all, no one is forcing you to read them.

It is unbelieveable that something like this is happening in the 21st century.

Lib Dem's. Don't expect too much from them on here as they are far too busy 'sitting on the fence'.

Obviously not many questions as it starts and finishes at 19:15!

Well done to them.

Pulpit Rock Norway. No fences as people have the sense to stay away from the edge. Yes, it sounds harsh but common sense prevails.

31 Jan 2024

As I have said before, yes, it is a tragedy but doesn't common sense tell you NOT to go to close to the edge as there is no handrail.