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Dawlish News

Lock the scum up and throw the key away. Standing by for those who will stand up for their human rights

Will there be any need for it with the proposed new play park on the Lawn?

Get your tickets now before they (LM) disappear into oblivion and be forgotton, never to be heard of again.

If all the pubs, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, sweet shops etc gave just £100 each, then that would be a great boost to the air show and they will easily recoup that money with all the extra people coming in.

@ FB Yes, it makes you laugh. They (Lycra Loonies) call for these cycle paths but when do you see any one using them? They still stay on the road.

A rather misleading headline and as Deedoodle says, it it the weather that is to blame and not what one would expect from the headline, mindless vandalism. Let's hope something is done about it ASAP so that it is in pristine condition for this years RBL Remembrance Parade on Suday November 13th.

Still no apology from Ms Farley about her 'outsiders rant' though.

Really looking forward to seeing them.

@BEE9 LOL. They were too busy pulling motorists not wearing seatbelts.

@ Margaret Dawlish will be busy as it is a Bank Holiday weekend so unless traders in town ask why people are here, we will never know the real figure as to how much Dawlish benefitted from the concert.

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