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Dawlish News

@Mcjrpc Agreed, maybe some people do that, but you dont tread on it and spread it on your carpet.

12 Aug 2013

@leatash . Well said. As for eating one, never tried it, but have had snails, frogs legs and horse, so would give it a try if I went to HK.

12 Aug 2013

@Tracy . Don't you think that a lot of people would like to go for a walk without having to look down all the time so making sure that you don't tread on anything instead of taking in the view, or having to listen to dogs barking all the time and not have someone's dog jumping up at you? I know I would and I bet a lot of other people would. Bring back the dog license I say.

1 Aug 2013

Maybe the majority land owner doesn't feel happy about the prospect of his land being covered with dog poo, left by irresponsable dog owners who can't be bothered to pick it up.

@ Merlin 228. I wouldnt think that the people we are referring to in this thread will be frequenting the Rockpool Café for the drink, as 1/ they would not pay the inflated price for it and 2/ they would prefer to get it cheaper (or 'lift it') from one of the local supermarkets.

@ Stephen. No, not that Red Rock, but the one in Sandy Lane, and as flo says, not exactly luring people into town as there is a big car park there and have no reason to go into town. If we had a decent bandstand on the Lawn, (like we were supposed to be getting back in 2000) instead of that crumbling eyesore, then why not get more acts to use that? Get rid of that tacky basketball thing ...

@Paul LOL. It sure does. Paul Gasgoine is a prime example.

@BB. You will find that the vast majority of people in Dawlish want these events, but when it comes to helping out, they're not interested and it's always left to the same few and I talk from experience, as I volunteer for many things that go on in Dawlish. They want everything for nothing but give nothing in return. Standing by for lots of abuse.

Town Centre Accident
10 Jul 2013

That will be a waste of time as people will still cross the road. Putting up signs does not work because we are a nanny state and peoples common sense has since long gone.

10 Jul 2013

More care = Use the crossing which is just a few metres along. It's all about educating people to use the crossing. As I have said previously, you wouldn't walk over a cliff top because there wasn't a fence there to stop you doing it. Same as walking along the sea wall. Common sense tells you not to do it.

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