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Dawlish News

Master of the Bowls
24 Jun 2022

Many congrats Richard, and for a great cause also!!!

@ burnside. Well, aren't you brave, or selfish, disrespectul, inconsiderate or just plain stupid, when the truth is out there to be seen, even by the brain dead anti vaxers!!!

25 Mar 2022

@ Burnside What a joke that is!!!!! Are you afraid of the truth because masks DO help?

23 Mar 2022

I'm not talking about being locked up. Wearing a mask does help, and it seems 90% of the population seem to have trouble with the mechanics of wearing one.

19 Mar 2022

So much for Bozo relaxing/ending restrictions!! Anything for votes, stuff those getting ill and dying.

19 Mar 2022

It's not rocket science as to why!!!

Mmmmmm. Can't wait. Hope it is a success.

Sounds like a normal night in our wonderful town!!!

What a complete idiot.

Isn't there a zebra crossing there? Also, are kids taught about road safety these days or do they expect everyone to stop in an instant when they cross the road where they want while looking at something extremely important on their phone!

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