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Dawlish News

Papered over the drug problem then, along wih the vandalism etc!!!

Cut the bar stewards hands off!!! SCUM!!!!!

It was a bit of an anti climax the opening. It would have been nice if someone (our mayor for instance) had been there and had made a short speech and to thank the 'orange army' for all what they have done so that the gathered public could have shown their appreciation. Talking of which, apart from Anne Marie Morris, where were the local dignitaries? Probably thinking up some hair brained ...

I was told by one of the workmen that it is opening tomorrow, 25/05/23. Be nice if it is.

Bring back the cane in schools (stuff the do gooders) so as to instill discipline and respect into these ferral kids who seem intent on ruining our town.

This is old news and been around for a couple of years now. I will believe it when I see it happen.

@1263 Of course, but nothing will be done about it as usual!!

20 Mar 2023

When I first moved to Dawlish, Devon General run the bus service and it was every 15 minutes each way. How times have changed!

Should be publicly flogged.

Only 5 now.

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