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Dawlish News

@Margaret Swift Maybe they have been moved out temporarily  while they have  3x glazing installed.

Many congrats to Richard, and well done to Cavanna Homes.

Tooth Decay and Obesity in a box delivered to your door!

Great news. I suppose the moaners will moan about it for moaning sake. At least Dawlish will be entering the 21st century and make the area so much more appealing to locals and visitors.

@1263 Maybe the same way that DEEDOODLE assumes what they wrote!

26 Sep 2020

He deserves every penny he gets as he works hard for it.

It would have been nice if they put a photo of him for us to see.

What a complete and utter selfish idiot!

Thank god for that. The whole area is an eyesore and you lot are always moaning about keeping the rail open and now that work is being given the go ahead, what do you lot do? MOAN ABOUT IT! Get your heads out of your backsides and look forward to a MUCH better future for this town, with a station and area that we can be proud of, NOT ashamed of.

Well said the Cornish. It's the only language these virus spreading selfish inconsiderate pig ignorant idiots understand. Unfortunately we are in the 'Profit before peoples lives' era.

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