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Dawlish News

A tragedy but totally ridiculous. Doesn't common sense tell you not to go too close to the edge?

A very good turnout today on the lawn, and those watching from the Strand and footpaths. Well done everyone who was there.

I have seen a few e-scooters being ridden around as well. 1 regularly up Dawlish road Teignmouth, about 0700hrs most mornings, and another going round Sainsbury's roundabout into the new estate on Langdon old land. Aren't they illegal also?

Excellent news indeed.

Just unbelievable. Just proves that a lot of people have no common sense at all!!!

Great British Workmanship. What a joke!!!

Good luck to him. Doing a grand job.

All they will get is a 'now don't be naughty boys and girls and here is a slap on the wrist, so don't do it again'.

What a shame that they don't all go to the above 10 named countries and protest there?

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