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Dawlish News

Sandy Lane you can recycle there.

We have another weekend of severe weather on it's way these roadworks could go on and on.

15 Mar 2018

Diana Mond have you ever considered folk just agree to wind you up.

I had reason to go to Newcastle last week and did consider the train but at £191 return and a 13 hour journey each way with 4 changes i decided to drive i was there and back in 14 hours 22 mins.

15 Mar 2018

I know nothing about trains the last time i was on a train or a bus was in the 60s.

15 Mar 2018

A square meter of sea water weighs 1 ton now consider a 3 metre wave aproaching the coast at 30 miles per hour and picking up rock and shingle as it breaks a little more than a splash of water its a killing machine.

14 Mar 2018

And as climate change takes hold it can only get worse.

A great idea they could be used in places like the corner of Brunswick Place outside Geralds they wouldnt affect anyone but those HGV's who use the wide footpath to park and do deliveries. I couldnt see them being used on every kerb but in certain places they would work well.

Exeter City Council have within there plan for improving air quality proposals to start fining drivers who dont switch of there engines when stationary in traffic jams.

14 Mar 2018

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