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Dawlish News

Just to remind everyone that we have all benifited from the great British Empire looting the world and making us what we are today and whether or not you agree or disagree it's the way things are and have always been.

23 Feb 2017

Soldiers have always collected bits and pieces from the battle field i know i did, to me the phone is just a piece of history.  Mein Kampf is still available should we have a burning on the Lawns demanding ever person who owns a copy burn it.

There will be accidents, consider a car wanting to turn right towards Exeter it's madness who ever came up with the idea needs their head looking at.

One of the men was from Dawlish the other from Sunderland so lets hope they get a good few years in jail and maybe it will be a deterrent to others and well done to Devon and Cornwall Police for the quick arrests.

6 Feb 2017

It depends on the category of Robbery they have been charged with. I imagine they have been charged with category 1 causing phsical damage to the victim this carries a maximum life imprisonment, but sentencing varies from a community order to 12 years custodial sentence.  Now I was a witness to this dispicable crime, and after witnessing the pain and trauma that this elderly gentleman went ...

Well first it's not a coin it's a Death Plaque and secondly the soldier couldn't have owned it as he was already dead when it was inscribed.

They are calling it wait for it THE DAWLISH LINK they make it sound as though we have been cut of for the past 100 years.

My god Paul you must be the perfect human being you wouldn't by any chance be one of the 12 disciples ?

We have lost a perfectly good path round Tucks Plot and Street Lighting above 2/4 garage but a number of LED lights have been put along the Cycle Path in Lanherne so we now have a dark patch in a 30 zone and a well lit cycle path mad or what???

Great photos.

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