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Dawlish News

They are still there although muddy and wet.

Lets hope you are right and they use it for Social Housing.

Lynne it made me smile when i saw that.

Last night a number of folk from the theatre drinking wine by the brook maybe they didn't think the prohibition notice applied to them.

The Franchise is £10,000 and you will need £75,000 pounds working capital to be accepted then there is rent and the capital expence of fitting out, but it is in the right place one of the top performing franchises in the country.

Well you only have the bankers to thank for putting us in this mess and yet no one has been brought to account i wonder why??

I just avoided it up the Ashcombe road over the top to Exeter or i could have gone Mamhead straight turn right and through the lanes to Exminster but i prefer the thrill of the M5.

Just to remind everyone that we have all benifited from the great British Empire looting the world and making us what we are today and whether or not you agree or disagree it's the way things are and have always been.

23 Feb 2017

Soldiers have always collected bits and pieces from the battle field i know i did, to me the phone is just a piece of history.  Mein Kampf is still available should we have a burning on the Lawns demanding ever person who owns a copy burn it.

There will be accidents, consider a car wanting to turn right towards Exeter it's madness who ever came up with the idea needs their head looking at.

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