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General Discussion

High Street's
10 Dec 2018

We in the UK are the largest online spenders in the world we spend more online than the whole of the USA and that is probarbly why our High Streets are suffering.

I dont find it a problem my browser remembers the details and it's one click.

Brexit - Part 1
30 Nov 2018

If there is ever a next time me thinks there will be no one left to come to our rescue.

We have experts on trees on this forum does anyone know why the tree was pollarded there is probably a very good reason.

28 Nov 2018

It will be back to normal in 18 months and it's been saved from falling into the brook.

Huge price difference
21 Nov 2018

And you can spend a fortune running round getting the deals me i stick to the same supermarket and shop online.

Brexit - Part 1
18 Nov 2018

The info came from a TV program reference Brexit and the NHS one of the interesting facts was 82% of insulin comes from the EU and the vast proportion from one factory in Germany the other interesting fact was that the PM is insulin dependant. But it was mentioned that the EU are also dependant on life saving drugs that are only manufactured in the UK so they have as much to lose as we have.

18 Nov 2018

Fact we export 20% more medicines to the EU than we import and have you noticed that supermarkets are now selling more produce from  Argentina, South Africa, they will suffer just the same as us Lynne.

17 Nov 2018

All i can say is roll on 11pm 29th March 2019 i have a big box of fireworks ready and waiting.

Maybe a tasteful bandstand would revitalise the town like the Strand alterations the Cycle Path and the new golf at Tucks Plot i could imagine thousands flocking to see such a wonderful thing.

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