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General Discussion

16 Mar 2020

And from what i have been reading a lot of them nearly empty, they apparantly have to fly to keep there slots  how stupid is that.

10 Mar 2020

2 Mar 2020

But I would like to take your time on this fine Monday to bring to your attention, exactly what this virus represents in Numbers! After All, Numbers don’t lie. So, here it goes: 80,000 People are Sick with Coronavirus at the Moment of which 77,000 are in China. This means that if you are not from China than this should remove 96% of your worry. If you contract ...

2 Mar 2020

Is there anything more they can do stop all travel, cancel all sporting events, close all campsites, close the motorway network, no trains busses or planes, close all schools, and confine everyone to there own homes, can you imagine the comments on here if that happened.

2 Mar 2020

So what would you like them to do.

I doubt it.

The problem is that goverments allow mass immigration and we are talking millions of people and dont consider infrastructure, roads, healthcare, schools,law enforcement, etc and we end up playing catch up.

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