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Aw... Thats so sad. Just saw this thread. I joined this forum years ago when I used to holiday in Dawlish. I didn't know Martin personally but he helped me with an illegal parking ticket I got on holiday in Minehead. I remembered he posted some parking stuff on here so I contacted him through this page. He was really helpful and gave me a few pointers to help. Rest In Peace Martin. John Dobbs ...

If you Google Exe Bight Pier There's lots to see Hope this is of some use to you

23 Sep 2014

Maybe the Exe Bight Pier

23 Sep 2014

Hi Anthony. Hope all's good. Have you had a look at this site

23 Sep 2014

Thanks for your help User4549. Much appreciated :-)

22 Sep 2014

Hi guys. Hope all's good. Any chance User4549 could email me at Cheers

14 Dec 2010

Hi Guys I've used Mozilla Firefox since it came out and I've never had any problems viewing websites. Firefox was a more secure browser than earlier IE browsers which had some security issues. I have always used it since. It is available for a free download at Hope this helps

7 Dec 2010

Nice new site webmaster.

Parcel scam
29 Nov 2010

Hi PJD This is an old scam from about four years ago. Seems it is doing the rounds again via email. This phone line was shut down two years ago after lots of complaints about it "ICSTIS closed that phone line down at the end of last year and are getting loads of emails and calls because people have started sending the warning emails again. They have issued a press release about it'' Type the phone ...

Hi Runella There was a woman with the same name who appeared in X Factor a couple of years ago. She also comes from Exminster and she sang in pubs and clubs across the country.