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And do you know why they are saying it? Because that is what will happen. Look up WTO and No Deal Brexit. Lots of info on the 'net about it all. If you choose not to believe it that is up to you. I cannot be ***** to argue with you any more. (and anyway I must go now - got to go out and stock up some more on supplies. You know...........just in case........)

3 Mar 2019

No, they are not guessing! If we leave without a deal then customs checks and tariffs WILL come into operation re EU imports/exports . That means hold ups (shortages) and price increases. Why do you think all the stockpiling has been going on?

3 Mar 2019

But it isn't only that man who is saying it. Those who know all about supply chains are saying exactly the same about the consequences of a No Deal Brexit.

2 Mar 2019

“Brexit is a shambles. I keep saying that. We could get to the end of the process and we’ll fall off a precipice. I don’t know if that will happen. “I was talking six months ago about food shortages and everybody laughed at me. But now the supermarkets have come out with the same story. “People need to start thinking. If we have no deal there could easily be an impact that some people don’t ...

Webmaster - can you adjudicate please. Do words such as Remoaner and Brexshitter constitute name calling or not? I ask as I was under the impression that there is a no name calling policy on this website. Thanks Lynne

May's Brexit Betrayal
26 Feb 2019

We haven't left the EU yet but see below for how much the outcome of the referendum has already cost us. How much has Brexit cost so far? The UK has lost a lot of cash since ... › News 10 Dec 2018 - Brexit chaos continues this week with no one seeming to have a clue what is going to happen over the coming ...

13 Feb 2019

Thank you for your concern @majorp and for your supportive comment @Scapegoat . Yes I have been ill but am now getting better. However, whether or not I shall continue to post on this website I cannot say. Only time will tell.

In last week's Gazette, Mel Stride, the MP for the adjoining constituency gave information to businesses concerning precautionary measures to take in the event of a hard Brexit. So, what I would like to know is this:, why hasn't AMM done the same thing for her constituents ,on, say, the impact of a No Deal hard Brexit on the nation's food supply given how much she advocates such a No Deal.

Click on this link to find out more about WTO terms of importing/exporting which is what the UK will  fall back on if there is a hard brexit. Info is useful for all of us not just those running import/export businesses.

The same could be said about those who think the USA is such a great place. But if I were to do as you suggest at least I wouldn't be a hypocrite. Unlike that Leave campaigner and ex Tory chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, who has taken up residency in France.