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This website? (if you scroll to the very bottom of the page you will see that it is copyright to Teignmouth and Dawlish CIC. ) Teignmouth and Dawlish CIC was the body (sorry can't think of a more appropriate word) that employed the (then) town centre manager. From memory -  some of those who are standing for (re) election in the coming town and ...

22 Mar 2019

For the avoidance of doubt. The reason I asked (see top post) how this post is to be funded is because from its title it looks like a lot of the function of the post will be concerned with promoting the town via events etc. This function is similar to that undertaken by the (now defunct) town centre manager post. The town centre manager was not employed by the town council. The town centre ...

er........excuse me. The EU is offering to delay Brexit.  And the reason they are offering the delay is because Theresa May has asked them for one. And the reason she has asked for a delay is because the House of Commons won't agree to the the deal she thrashed out with the EU.  So it is either a delay or crash out on March 29th. I appreciate that there are those who think that crashing out is ...

21 Mar 2019

Over a million signatures as I type this and I know for a fact that there could be more as I know people who have tried to register their names but who have been told to wait. Talking of petitions. I see there was one earlier on this year advocating a No Deal Brexit. It garnered just over 370,000 supporters. I wonder if there was any foreign interference in that? Putin must be rubbing his ...

21 Mar 2019

Take Back Control! - revoke Article 50.

21 Mar 2019

So.........when the government website is up and running again and if you want Article 50 to be revoked here is the link

21 Mar 2019

Here's a link with some more stats! The government website apparently crashed because of the numbers this very morning registering their wish that Article 50 should be revoked. &nbsp ;

21 Mar 2019

@S - I just copied those stats that Majorp posted and then did a search. Came up with this link but just as with Majorp's post above there is no reference as to where the stats have come from

And the reason that the clerk's advice is taken is that s/he will be well versed in legislation pertaining to local government.  Cllrs may not have the legislative knowledge that town clerks have. (and if cllrs are in doubt about what the town clerk is advising then they can always check independently). The Mayor (or indeed any other councillor) does not need to seek the town clerk's advice on ...

19 Mar 2019

Wrong comparison. If the person who sits in the chair of the House of Commons is the Speaker, then the equivalent of that post in the town council is the Mayor. The Mayor chairs the town council meetings. The town clerk is an employee. The town clerk, amongst other things, advises the elected councillors on procedural matters. The equivalent of that in the House of Commons would be something ...