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What I am saying about magic money trees is that Boris Johnson cannot seemingly find one to compensate the WASPI women. Why not?

There are some 6,700 women born in the 1950s and living in the constituency of Newton Abbot affected by the State Pension Age changes. (source: Commons Briefing Papers CBP-7405)

Magic Money trees?! Boris Johnson has seemingly found them for so many other things!

25 Nov 2019

The Conservative Party I cannot find any mention of the WASPI cause in the Conservative Manifesto. However, an indication of the Conservative Party’s attitude might be gleaned from the response given by the Prime Minister to a question posed to him concerning this matter on the BBC’s General Election Question Time that was broadcast last Friday. “I do sympathise deeply with the Waspi ...

On the subject of pensions - I'll post separately about the various parties attitude towards the WASPI cause (that's about how the state pension age for 1950s born women got raised, first in 1995 and then again in 2011, but many women affected were totally unaware as they were never personally told about the changes.) An example: I know a woman whose state pension age (SPA) in 1995  became 63 ...

So for once we agree then.

23 Nov 2019

As I didn't know anything at all about Mr Halpin I thought I would look him up. And the above is what I found. I think where the other candidates stand on Brexit is more readily and easily known. Just trying to be helpful.

23 Nov 2019

@Deedoodle (and others similarly minded with regard to Brexit) I know there is no Brexit Party candidate standing in this constituency but might a vote for the independent candidate, David Halpin, be a constructive way of expressing your views? Click on this link to find out more.

More info: 7pm - Doors open - audience will be able to submit written questions for the candidates. 7.30 - prompt - the hustings will begin . - there will be an introduction of the panel by the chair candidates will be given 3 mins in turn to introduce themselves. each candidate will be given 1.5 minutes to answer the same question offered to each candidate by the chair. ...

19 Nov 2019

Hustings When - Friday 22nd November @ 7.30pm Where - United Reform Church, Dawlish Street, T'mouth TQ14 8TB