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Ladies Toilet Closure

12 Feb 2024 17:24


The ladies toilets by the old information centre.

12 Feb 2024 17:59

More lib-dem ? measures to get more money out of locals and discourage day trippers.  Higher rates and less services under this mob.


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13 Feb 2024 07:21

Lots of councils across the country are short of money - Conservative controlled Devon County Council being one of them.

The councils are short of money for a variety of reasons - a huge drop in funding from central government since 2010, an increase in demand for the services that local government addresses (eg social services, special needs education, homelessness) and inflation.

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13 Feb 2024 10:34

So I've now had some time to find out more about this changing places facility. Seems it is a toilet facility specifically aimed at those who are dependent on others for help with their toiletting

Also,as I write this, I do not know how TDC is financing this installation but from research it seems that central government has a pot of money that it is asking councils to bid for specifically in order to provide a changing places facility.  

Perhaps that is why and how TDC is funding the work?


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