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Dawlish News

Well, if AMM ever was on holiday she isn't now. Just got back from Newton Abb. via train and she is at Dawlish train station along with 2x tv crews. Is 'call me Dave' in the south-west toda?. Dawlish on the local and possibly national news tonight then?

9 Apr 2015

Contact - UKIP www. ukip .org/contact - Similar to Contact - UKIP UKIP , Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT. Telephone: 01626 831290. Email: mail@ ukip .org. don't know about any official connection with Trago but I'd hazard a guess that the owner of Trago and UKIP have common political ground judging from the anti EU posters that ...

9 Apr 2015

Scroll down to number 22 on this link

8 Apr 2015

Might this help?

1 Apr 2015

Pity we don't have a PR voting system. That might have helped.

31 Mar 2015

I had a Labour party election leaflet delivered today.

31 Mar 2015

Well you'll be washing your hands a lot more between now and May 7th! Some might say politics is nasty and grubby at the best of times - so to expect it to be anything but that during election time.........

31 Mar 2015

I can't get anything on that link you've given. Is this any better?

With my over 60 railcard (and those who are younger can get a Devon and Cornwall railcard) I  get a third off my railfare. The cheapest return bus ticket between here and Exeter is the £7.50(ish) day ticket. My return rail fare (using my card) is about half that amount. It might even be less than half that amount. It is now around about £5.30 return bus fare from where I live in Dawlish to ...

20 Feb 2015

It isn't as low as 60 . It was as low as 60. But not any more. People become eligible for the bus pass when they are the age that is the state pension age for women. My brother-in-law has just qualified for his bus pass. He is 62 and a bit. The present state pension age for women. That age is going up rapidly. A woman who is only 18 months younger than him will not get her state pension until ...

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