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Well I guess there might be given the English climate. (What lovely weather we have today.......)

Any info on what form of transport (private or public) these commuters use?

*!**!!!*** newspapers! This was decided at the August meeting not the September one. Planning reference 16/01246/MAJ If anyone is interested in what the committee decided and why, this link should take you to the minutes of the August TDC Planning Committee

22 Dec 2016

Is it me? The newspaper article says all this happened at the September meeting of TDC's planning committee. But I've looked on the minutes of that meeting and I can't find any reference to this planning application.

22 Dec 2016

From the Teignbridge Local Plan "DA5 Land at Littleleigh, Holcombe A site of approximately 1.4 hectares is allocated at Littleleigh, Holcombe for up to 35 homes, with a target of 25% affordable homes. The Dawlish Parish Neighbourhood Plan has identified a site for new housing adjoining Holcombe village, which now has planning permission. An extended site is fronted on three ...

Well I certainly wouldn't walk  along Shutterton Lane.

17 Sep 2016

And now I've looked at the transport assessment. On page 2 it gives details of the accidents that have happened on the A379 near to this proposed SANGs. With regard to the A379 and the Shutterton Lane junction it shows that there have ony been two slight accidents of late - one on 12.1.15 and the other on 27.4.15. So does that mean that the junction is deemed to be safe? And does that ...

Perhaps the points made by Barbarawils about access for all should be made known to Devon County Council and to our Dawlish county councillor,  John Clatworthy? I also can't see how the proposed route down the steps will be of any use for those cyclists who have a trailer behind them with a kiddywink in it.

Just looked at the Design and Access statement. Vehicular access will be from the A379.  Cyclists and pedestrians willalso be able to enter from Orchard Lane (St Mary's cottages) and Shutterton Lane!   Shutterton Lane!!!!!!! Cyclists and pedestrians in Shutterton Lane?????!!!!!!! Have the planners ever been down Shutterton Lanel I wonder? The only way Shutterton Lane could be safe is for it to ...

Any info on where the access points will be?

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