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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
22 Dec 2016 09:09
DEVELOPERS have appealed against a decision to reject plans for 35 new homes in a village outside Dawlish.
Teignbridge councillors threw out the plans when the planning committee in September unanimously agreed the design would be out of keeping with the surrounding area of Holcombe village and threw out the plans.


22 Dec 2016 10:30

I thought we had a local plan that said where houses could be built and non of it included Holcombe.

22 Dec 2016 13:19

From the Teignbridge Local Plan

"DA5 Land at Littleleigh, Holcombe
A site of approximately 1.4 hectares is allocated at Littleleigh, Holcombe for up to
35 homes, with a target of 25% affordable homes.
The Dawlish Parish Neighbourhood Plan has identified a site for new housing adjoining
Holcombe village, which now has planning permission. An extended site is fronted on
three sides by development and has limited visibility from the open countryside. Holcombe
is situated on the A379 road and public transport route, in close proximity to Teignmouth
and Dawlish which offer a range of shops, services, schools and local employment
22 Dec 2016 13:45

Is it me? The newspaper article says all this happened at the September meeting of TDC's planning committee. But I've looked on the minutes of that meeting and I can't find any reference to this planning application. 

22 Dec 2016 14:11

*!**!!!*** newspapers!

This was decided at the August meeting not the September one.

Planning reference 16/01246/MAJ

If anyone is interested in what the committee decided and why, this link should take you to the minutes of the August TDC Planning Committee  

22 Dec 2016 16:59

@Lynne sorry missed that bit in da2, i thought that littleleigh had been removed due to access issues, but it seems that it was refused because of the design being out of character with the area. that could be interesting when it comes to secmaton lane fronted by bungalows but with houses either side. oh well thats for 2017 or later.

23 Dec 2016 16:57

Holcombe long over due for some new development, has been exclusive for far to long. Even better still is the 25% afforable clause. Just short of a few re-housed refugees and a cycle path and it will be welcomed into the real world. As a second thought what an ideal area for Lidl to build a new supermarket see how the locals enjoy 28 tonne tipper lorries speeding up and down Fordens lane

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Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
24 Dec 2016 09:10

I see the spirit of goodwill is alive and well in the Bassett virtual household this Christmas!


The principle of building at the Little Leigh site is not at issue, Fred. 35 homes are allocated in the local plan for Holcombe, the question is why the developer would wish to shoot themselves in the foot and upset almost the entire village by presenting plans this poor (it was likened to the 'Legoland' development at Penns Mount by one TDC Councillor at the Planning Committee meeting) when a better design could yield benefits for all?


The fact that all 14 Councillors present in August voted against the scheme probably speaks for itself, but for what its worth, my written objection is below. For the sake of good design in building everywhere in the District, I hope the Appeal Inspector agrees.


I am writing in objection to planning applications 16/01246/MAJ and 16/01247/MAJ, on land at Little Leigh, Holcombe.


Although I am a member of the Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee, these objections represent my personal view as a Dawlish SW Ward Councillor.


When this application came before the Committee last week, an objector spoke on behalf of Holcombe Residents Association. I have now read the written objections of the residents association and support them without reservation.


I am also very concerned about the design of this seemingly ‘off-the-peg estate’ of new housing, the uninspiring style, the poor layout and the ill-considered scale of which is completely at odds with Holcombe’s existing buildings and vernacular architecture.


This village setting site is on high ground and adjoins a swathe of Undeveloped Coast. As such any new houses will be visible not only from the many surrounding properties but also in context within panoramic public view points to the north.


The quality of the design of this estate is I believe so poor that both applications should be dismissed outright in order that a fresh scheme can come forward. It is almost as if the developer has not read Plan Teignbridge, especially Policy S2 (Quality Development) which is quite specific about what is considered an acceptable standard.


The agent for the developer also attended the Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee meeting and was made fully aware of the disappointment felt upon the viewing of the plans. Designs of local award winning developments (Shoreside in Shaldon and Oakland Park, Dawlish) were suggested to the agent as starting points perhaps for an integrated design scheme (both having very efficient layouts for small housing) while the Strongvox site at Carhaix Way, Dawlish was also recommended for its quality of build, sense of place and use of vernacular and coastal materials.


Finally I would also comment on the lack of public consultation the developer has sought during the planning process. Should such consultation have come forward - and meaningful dialogue taken place - an acceptable scheme may have been delivered at this stage. Holcombe and our District deserve much better.

24 Dec 2016 10:54

Quality developments award winning design come on Gary take a good look at Millin way, Clover Drive and the Bovis estate at Gatehouse and ask for Carhaix Way, well I think the planning committe may need to donate  to the good cause of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Millin way - a mish mash of wooden huts built in a sand pit, looks like an old Butlins holiday camp

Clover Drive Estate - Its like an overcrowded maze of parked cars with one way in and one way out god help the residents if there is ever a substantial fire up there.

Carhaix is just a joke as other discussions on here. We tried to deliver some furniture to a house up there and couldnt even get it through the front door, talk about carboard boxes. The parking spaces and garages where avaiable are just about right for a Smart Car. Think it must have been built for midgets.

Quality homes of good design arent built out of rendered shuttering ply delivered on the back of a lorry those are park homes with a life expectancy of 25-40 years. Quality homes are built on good sized plots with gardens, off road parking and trees and have architectural interesting features. The dimensions are suitable for full sized furniture and the internal doors dont obstruct other parts of the rooms.

So if the Shutterton area can be infested with rubbish developments why should Holcombe be any different we all pay the same amounts of council tax just to have one bin emptied once a fortnight

Merry Christmas everyone 

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24 Dec 2016 22:54

I live in Holcombe and have had 28 tonne tipper trucks driving up the lane next to my house for months now (as witnessed by the demolished wall opposite my house).

I just live with it. Someone's doing some what?

But then I'm not yet a whinging git!


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