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Gazette online report

1 Jun 2016

Text of letter on this matter in today's Gazette. (the letter that was published had been edited slightly). "At the end of March I wrote a letter concerning the impending increase in traffic to be endured by the residents of Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove Drive and Sandy Lane due to an increase in house building in the Gatehouse/Secmaton area  but with a corresponding lack of road linking that ...

29 May 2016 "On Friday 27th May 2016, Dawlish town councillors were invited to attend a presentation from the Teignbridge District Council planning department: Simon Thornley, Alex Lessware, Phil Shears, and team. They explained the options for accelerating the building of the Link Road, that we are demanding, that they had explored. Three ...

Just had an e-mail back from the Beeb saying okay to put contents of the email they sent me on websites. So here it is. "Teignbridge Council have passed on your details to us as the BBC has responsibility for arranging on-site catering facilities at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. The event is being managed by the BBC’s Popular Music Live Events team, who run a wide range of events and ...

26 May 2016

Can I ask two questions please? (although it's three questions if you think about it........) 1. Where is the Orchard Field in Cockwood? 2. I know that at one time a member of the Jeffries family was a TDC councillor but that was some time ago. So do they have one now then?

26 May 2016

This is on Eyes of Dawlish EVENT PARKING - With the big weekend event approaching. We are pleased to advise that private parking for around 20 cars will be made available at our Firbank Garage site opposite Shutterton Ind Est from Friday 7.30am - 11.30pm there will be a daily charge of £20/car and there will be no blocking in permitted and strictly no overnighting. The Hop2 bus stops are ...

26 May 2016

Found this: 1) HOW CAN I GET A TRADER'S PITCH AT RADIO 1'S BIG WEEKEND? Central Catering Services will be managing the concessions process for the event - if you are interested in applying to trade, please email them on They will be able to provide you with details of how to register and the relevant costs for pitches.  Please note the closing date for ...

25 May 2016

@DJ - because i wanted to know, that's why. As far as I am concerned the info that the BBC sent me should be in the public domain and without me or anyone else having to ask for it.​

25 May 2016

So, here is the email address that the sender of the BBC info used. I post that should any of you wish to contact the BBC and find out for yourselves (but ssshhhhh!!!!!!! be sure not to make the info public!)

25 May 2016

Re catering - I've just had info about this sent to me by the BBC. Would love to post the info on here but there is a rider at the bottom of the e-mail saying that I can't disclose its contents!!!

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