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More info about how to get to/from Powderham here

24 May 2016

So depending on where they live it might be Shanks's pony, the train (but remember what I have posted about the time the last train leaves Starcross!) or the number 2 bus.

21 May 2016

Trains - note this from the above website. The length of time it takes to walk from Powderham to Starcross (20mins and I guess that's on a good day when there are no crowds), the approx time that the last set will finish (22.00hrs) and the times of the last trains leaving Starcross going in a westerly direction. Sat. 22.36 Sun 22.29

21 May 2016 do so hope the weather isn't like this next weekend!

20 May 2016

I've been told (by TDC) it is the BBC that can answer such questions as: 1. the names and business addresses of all those who will be offering catering facilities 2.the process by which these caterers were chosen 3.What costs they have each had to pay (and to whom) to be able to trade at the festival

20 May 2016

@FB re names of catering outlets. Have you tried asking someone at TDC for that info?

19 May 2016

The letter from TDC is accompanied by a map of Sandy Lane Playing Fields showing where the park and ride cars will be parked. The area is divided into 4. As I can't put the map on here I will try and explain where they are. Car parking area 1 is located between Dawlish Leisure Centre and the chidren's playground. Car parking area 2 is located to the north side of Dawlish Leisure ...

19 May 2016

letter continues Arrangements for the Big Weekend, 28-30 May Road plans To help ensure the smooth-running of the Big Weekend and manage extra traffic associated with a busy bank holiday, those going to the event must pre-book their travel in advance. A range of transport options have been put in place including two temporary park and rides - one in Sandy Lane, ...

19 May 2016

this is the text of the letter sent out by TDC Dear Resident BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Powderham Castle - 28 and 29 May 2016 We are very pleased to welcome BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend to Powderham Castle – an exciting event which brings many benefits to the local area. Not only do thousands of local people have free tickets to see some of the world’s most popular ...

19 May 2016

Why aren't Powderham allowing more parking on their fields? Anyone?

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