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There is more about this subject in this week's Gazette (see page two). To be (increased) or not to be (increased), still seems to be the question. get back to the original topic of this thread - the link road (although I accept that there is a Sainsbury's link (ouch!)). get back to the original topic of this thread, I see from the report in the Gazette that no date has been given as to when this road will be built.

5 Feb 2018

2 Feb 2018

I imagine it is talking about the proposed link road joining up the Sainsbury's roundabout area with the Gatehouse area. I remember from the plans that part of the road would need a bridge.

I don't have a problem with eating food that is more local to us. And continental Europe is a darn site nearer to us than anywhere else on the planet (barring the Republic of Ireland). @Diane Mondeo - if, say, just for the sake of argument, we were to have no imports whatsoever from continental europe do you really believe that would stop the illegal imports of drugs, people and ...

2 Feb 2018

"there has been a fourfold increase in the number of lorries coming in and out of Britain via Kent since customs barriers within the EU were abolished in 1992." From:

2 Feb 2018

I've mentioned in another thread (Food) issues concerning the movement of lorries in and out of this country when we have left the EU and how new customs procedures may impact on the fluidity (or otherwise) of their movement. I noticed in this week's Gazette that the MP for Central Devon, Mel Stride, makes reference to the Customs Bill which concerns the above and which is presently going ...

From that link above "In Dawlish, £4.2million will support the delivery of a new bridge and a new section of a link road. It will provide a high-quality link to community facilities at either end for residents."

I don't have a short memory at all. I am perfectly aware that some properties were occupied before they should have been as there should have been a SANGS in place. This was then rectified on a temporary basis. The need for a SANGS originated, still does originate, from EU legislation concerning environmental protection. The developers, like all developers, will have paid a certain ...

7 Jan 2018

Can you prove any of the above FB?

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