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and I wonder how much the food and drink that can only to be bought on site will cost? Still, it's a 'free' concert so ought not to grumble.

17 May 2016

@Morty Vicker re your post dated 12.5.16 21:18 Any chance you could post the text of that letter on here or post a link that would take us to the text? And should anyone go to that meeting tomorrow (18th) in Kenton about all of this a report back on here would, I am sure, be of great interest to many .

17 May 2016

A similar thought went through my mind but along the lines of if those who live along the road in Starcross/Kenton have private drives/off road parking what's to stop them allowing cars to pick up and drop off on their private property? Might appeal to those with an entrepreneurial eye (if they wanted to charge) or those who wouldn't charge but would just do it as an 'up yours' gesture to ...

Hmm now.........a sewage pipe that can't cope? I could have sworn residents have been pointing out the problems with sewage disposal for some time now. Perhaps I imagined it all. NOT.

@roberta - who was it that they had to pay that money to?

4 Apr 2016

I gather from my young person that the tickets for the Saturday sold out like mega quick. But she and others she knows did manage to get tickets for the Sunday (which as it happens is perfectly okay with her as it was tickets for the Sunday that she wanted). Having booked a day's leave from work so that she could go online as soon as she could, and having succeeded in getting tickets for the ...

Well it's free in the same sense that pensioner bus pass fares are free, and over 60 prescriptions are free, and state schooling is free, and NHS treatment is free (but not dental), and lollipop school crossing patrols are free and so on and so forth. Tax payers money being used to provide a service that not all tax payers will use or are necessarily eligible to use. (note to self - now ...

1 Mar 2016

I was just going to say " hang on a minute I thought the BBC Big Weekend festival was free" when I read MV's post. Easy to get confused though.

To answer my own question about how much Exeter City Council have stumped up - it looks like it was £100,000 as well because in those minutes that I've posted it talks of "a budget be allocated, matched by the partner authority". Anyone know what the reaction is amongst the Exeter electorate about all this? I've only found this (and scroll down to read the comments) ...

15 Feb 2016

Unfortunately the polls for the local councils are some 3 and a bit years away and if a week is a long time in politics then ............. That said, perhaps people would like to ask our Dawlish TDC councillors more about all of this both via e-mail and via letters in the Gazette. And yes, perhaps the top earners at the BBC and the artistes themselves could indeed make a donation/waive their ...

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