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BoJo presently not showing any wish to attend any of the leadership candidate tv debates. You'd have thought he'd jump at the chance given as he's supposed to be so bloody marvellous.

Text of letter in one of today's national newspapers. "Why all this outrage from the tabloids about the BBC proposing to only provide free tv licences to those on pension credit? I don’t see many newspaper proprietors offering a free paper to the over 75s. The BBC was put in an invidious position. If the status quo remained, programmes, even entire channels would have to be cut."

Boris Johnson has form as a liar. And that's the truth.

Please can someone post how much the tv subscription services are per year.  I genuinely have no idea as I don't subscribe to any of them.

Boris Johnson is a politician. If politicians always lie then it follows that the last thing he will be is true to his word.  ( and he does have form).

13 Jun 2019

Scroll right down to the very bottom of this link

Oh and apparently............... MPs are entitled to free tv licences. Perhaps they should give this up? Read more here: Perhaps those candidates involved in the Tory leadership race should be asked if they themselves claim the free tv licence and whether or not they do perhaps they should also be asked if they think, under the ...

13 Jun 2019

" Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, introduced this perk in 2000, Osborne revoked it in 2015, and made the BBC face up to footing the entire bill of £745m a year from 2020. The corporation had an invidious choice: make serious cuts in the service for everyone, or run the risk of upsetting a small but vocal group who have become used to this token of the state’s largesse." Read more here : ...

11 Jun 2019

and here's some more info re the high employment figures BBC Reality Check asked the Office for National Statistics (ONS) whether working just one hour a week was all that was needed to be officially classified as employed? The ONS confirmed that was the case.

11 Jun 2019

So to get back bang on topic.......... I wonder if any of the Tory leadership/Prime Minister hopefuls will promise to reinstate the free tv licence to the over 75s?

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