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Parking Restriction in the Strand From 24 Jul 2020 to 31 Aug 2020 Dawlish Town Council's Temporary Traffic Restriction Order for parking restrictions between 10am and 3pm each day on the Strand will come into force from 27th July to 31st August to allow for social distancing at a peak holiday time. It does not include loading bays, disabled parking bays or the Strand car park.

Click on this link and scroll down to see the planning apps on the agenda.

Well I guess the town council wanted to help out the town centre businesses in whatever way they could. And if that meant spending money on window stickers then that is what they have done.  Every little bit of financial support helps. I know no more than you. If anyone is interested in 1) why the window stickers were provided by the town council and/or 2) why they cost just over £650 ...

17 Jul 2020

I thought for one moment there that I'd be agreeing with you @burneside (one day pigs will fly...) having seen the markings on the Strand pavement yesterday when I was in the town. But I thought to myself "800 quid just for those few very, very, very, spaced out stencils on the The Strand pavement. Surely that can't be right". So I enquired of the town council just how those 800 quidlets had ...

NHS Dental appts
17 Jul 2020

Just been told that my NHS dental check up has been cancelled. Only emergency treatment available. So I asked if that would be the same if I was a private patient. Told "No, if you were a private patient you could have a check-up". So I said "Nothing to do with health and safety then, all to do with money". Receptionist said she appreciated how bad that sounded but NHS dental guidelines ...

Seems there has been a bit of confusion (courtesy of Devon County Council) of just what it is exactly that the town council is seeking to have happen on The Strand in terms of parking restrictions. Click on this link to see press release issued by Dawlish Town Council

15 Jul 2020

They've now been 'rehomed'.

Thursday 23rd July 1-4( sellers from 12 noon).  £7 per car selling/ £11 per van or trade.

so......we have to wear face masks when we go into shops but not if we go into pubs and restaurants. Indeed, we are positively being encouraged to eat out by way of the £10 discount presently being offered.  "Eat out to help out" is the mantra. And the logic is? If we need to wear face masks in shops and on public transport then surely we need to wear face masks in all other enclosed ...

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