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@Carer For the first time since records began, there are more job vacancies in the UK than unemployed people, according to the latest monthly labour market figures. This has been driven mainly by a near-fourfold surge in job vacancies to around 1.3 million since the summer of 2020, when economic activity was allowed to resume at the end of the first COVID lockdown. ...

23 Oct 2022

And on the subject of workforce shortages, from what I have read one of the key ingredients for growng the economic pie (to use Lettuce Liz's expression) is NOT to have workforce shortages. So........workforce numbers can help be rectified by releasing all those Mummies presently in enforced economic storage. It's that and/or, (best whisper this quietly), import the workforce - aka increase ...

Door Specialist
23 Oct 2022

Today's Sunday Telegraph's cartoon has a tourist guide telling sightseers in London: "You can see Changing of the Guard in the morning, and Changing of the PM most afternoons."

Well, when all this was organised who'd have thought that in between time the Tories would mess up this country's economy in the way that they have! Child care is important, as its being in place frees up many (mostly Mummies) to get back into the workforce. More people in the workforce = more money going to individual families/more income tax being paid/helps the economy/helps pay mortgages ...

22 Oct 2022

I've posted several times on this website about the lack of, and cost of, childcare. It's not only me who feels strongly about this. There will be marches throughout the country next Saturday attended by those who feel the same way. Please join in. March of the Mummies 2022 - Exeter Saturday, 29 October 2022 from 10:30 to 14:00 John Lewis Devon EX4 6NN I'll post ...

To quote the king: "Dear, oh dear" Yep! Everything is oh so much dearer now.

No idea. BUT...... the more GPs that go private then logically the fewer there will be working in the NHS = longer waiting times to see a NHS GP.  If longer times to see a NHS GP (and/or get that NHS hospital appointment/operation) the greater the argument becomes that the NHS is, by default, denying health care to its patients. Not the NHS fault btw.

9 Oct 2022

The article is about the growing privatisation of GP healthcare.

8 Oct 2022

There is an article about the growing privatisation of GP healthcare in this weekend's edition of the i newspaper. It gives as an example a private GP practice in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. This practice charges £85 for a phone consultation, £130 for a face-to-face consultation and £180 for a home visit.

There are diggers presently doing work of some kind on the Gatehouse development site

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