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NHS crutch 'amnesty'
18 Oct 2019

If you have any NHS crutches that are no longer needed you can take them along to Dawlish hospital reception area where they can be returned via a clearly marked container.

From the minutes of the town council meeting held in early September Resolved that the Town Council mandates the Lawn Working Group to explore the idea brought forward in the Observation report from Teignbridge for a flagship play area and a gruffalo type trail leading up to the play area in the Manor Gardens.

Dawlish Town council is recommending refusal of this planning app on the following grounds: Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application due to the following concerns: • Affordable housing percentage much lower than requested (11% rather than 25%) • Affordable housing stands out and is not tenancy blind • Health and ...

30 Sep 2019 (this is for 190 homes  - there are a further 10 separate planning apps each for a self build house on the same site).

28 Sep 2019

Every 30 mins? Great!

I think our nationally elected representatives have other things on their minds at the moment......

26 Sep 2019

I can't see anything that talks about forcing shops to change their packaging.  The emphasis in on working together and encouraging changes in behaviour.

26 Sep 2019

There is a Dawlish Town council meeting this coming Monday (30th September). There is an item on the agenda concerning climate change. Click on this link to read the report  from the town council's Climate Change Working Group.

25 Sep 2019

Sea levels rise as polar ice melts (for the avoidance of doubt - I totally disagree with the sentiments expressed by the person I overheard on the bus. In fact I was gobsmacked that someone should be so ignorant of the importance of studying icebergs/caps/flows given their climatic impact).

25 Sep 2019

On a not unrelated matter: I was on the bus the other day and given the close proximity of the seats couldn't help but overhear a conversation between two of the other passengers. One was telling the other that her son-in-law works at the Met Office in Exeter and that his field of study was icebergs. "Icebergs!" cried the other passenger "what on earth is he studying that for?" "Yes, I agree" said ...

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