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General Discussion

Which is 327 x £11.50

1 Nov 2020

Not sure how you reached that figure @Leatash I make 327 x £15 = £4,905 per week.

1 Nov 2020

When the fsm voucher scheme was in operation (started lock down and then carried on in school summer holidays) it was worth £15 per child per week rather than £11.50 per week which is what I understand the government normally pays out to schools for each child qualifying for fsm. See below for explanation as to the £3.50 per week per child difference between fsm voucher and meal had at ...

1 Nov 2020

Proposal to call on Devon County Council to provide free school meals over the Christmas holidays.

29 Oct 2020

@ 1.10.20 there were (are) a total of 327 children claiming free schools meals attending schools located within the parish of Dawlish (source: email correspondence with Devon County Council)

This planning application was submitted at the beginnng of the year. Loads of objections. It seems it has now been revised. Still a lot of objections. Dawlish Town Council requested that it go to TDC planning committee rather than being decided by a planning officer. Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. ...

Planning permission granted.

This property was put on Bradley's estate agent website two days ago.  It is described as being in Teignmouth. Really? Take a look for yourselves. If it is sited where I think it is then not only is it in Dawlish but planning permission for it (and others) to be built is yet to be granted. and here are some more ...

Click here for info about Teignbridge District Council's Covid 19 hardship fund

26 Oct 2020

The Mid Devon Advertiser (Dawlish Gazette) would like to know of any eateries in Teignbridge offering free meals to schoolchildren. Please get in touch on: 01626 353555

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