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Well, whatever it is, as I type this, I can see it again. Has moved to a more southerly position now.

13 Nov 2019

I think it might have been this According to the article it is on its way back to Denmark from having been doing work in the Irish Sea and then Swansea in s. Wales.

13 Nov 2019

As I type this I can see what looks like a drilling rig out at sea. Anyone know anything about it?

Only but a few days back Nigel Farage was saying that the Brexit Party would be fielding candidates in some 600 constituencies as the Boris deal wasn't Brexit. As far as I am aware the Boris Brexit deal hasn't changed in the past few days. So, if according to Nigel Farage it wasn't Brexit then, and nothing has changed, how can the Boris deal now be Brexit?

12 Nov 2019

So, having been made aware of the quite likely consequences of his actions it seems that Nigel changed his mind.........

11 Nov 2019

@Daverc P'raps Deedoodle could write Brexit Party across his ballot paper? Just so as he (and others of similar inclination) can express their thoughts on the matter?

Peter Harry
10 Nov 2019

Hi Lisa Check your in box - I've sent you a private message. Lynne

Dawlish is part of the the constituency known as Newton Abbot (used to be called Teignbridge). Here are the candidates who have so far thrown their hats into the ring. Note that this list can alter as it is still open for others to join or for those already declared to withdraw. NEWTON ABBOT Green Party – Megan Debenham The Renew Party – Richard Manley Conservatives – Anne ...

Peter Harry
30 Oct 2019

@HuwMatthews2 Thank you for letting me know. I first came across PH some 10 years ago during the fight to stop Sandy Lane Playing Fields (or part of the fields) having a supermarket built on it.  PH put into the relevant authorities that the Arts Deco Sports Pavilion should be listed (he did this to make it more difficult for a supermarket to be built).  I remember him telling me at the time ...

29 Oct 2019

@Huw Do you mean the apparent demise of Peter Harry's postings on this site (after all he could be using other posting names as well as/ or instead of, Viaduct) or are you saying that in real life Peter Harry is no longer with us?

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