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General Discussion

Text of Cllr Gary Taylor's report to DTC Full Council meeting to be held Weds. 1st Feb. 2023. There will be no additional housing allocations in Dawlish, Holcombe, Cockwood or Teignmouth in the new draft 2040 Teignbridge Local Plan. Having considered all of the sites that came forward, the selected 'strategic' allocations are all expected to be clustered close to Exeter and Newton Abbot - ...

From Cllr Martin Wrigley's written report to DTC for Feb 1st 2023 full council meeting; ('the administration' to which Cllr Wrigley refers is Devon County Council) Following a sufficiency report on early years provision, which the administration were congratulating themselves on, I pointed out that provision in Dawlish (and other areas of Teignbridge) were designated as Hotspots again. ...

The draft Local Plan for Teignbridge starts its official consultation period today, Monday January 23rd. The consultation will close on March 13th. Once the consultation ends, the draft Plan and all comments received will be submitted for examination in public by the planning inspectorate. Anyone who submits a written objection will have a legal right to appear before and be heard by the ... Public meeting being held this evening (Friday 20th Jan 2023) at The Swan pub, 7pm concerning this never ending saga.

There's a post on Eyes of Dawlish saying that the cycle/footpath beside Shutterton Brook is flooded. That's the path between Exeter Road and Dawlish Warren. Click on this link to see DW/Shutterton Brook flood area risk. Dawlish Warren Flood Map - › flood-map › dawlish-war... Map ...

14 Jan 2023

More info here about the Local Plan. Public Consultation period will be for 6 weeks starting Monday 23rd Jan.

9 Jan 2023

The only development being proposed for Dawlish is: Langdon Business Park, Dawlish An area of 3 hectares southwest of Langdon Hospital is allocated for employment development and will include a mix of employment uses. Planning conditions should be imposed to ensure permitted development rights for conversion to residential uses are removed.

7 Jan 2023

oh and a mixture of a high tide and lots of rain led to the road between Cockwood and Dawlish Warren becoming flooded  'n all.

6 Jan 2023

and on the subject of flooding. If anyone fancies a paddle I hear that Secmaton Lane presently has a fair amount of water available ...........

6 Jan 2023

Well only they know and only time will let the rest of us know. However, I can tell you this. 1.The land comprising the proposed Hensford Park site falls into the Critical Drainage Area - so problems there. 2. A good third of the land comprising the Hensford Park site was never, ever, put forward for consideration for development in this emerging Local Plan. So couldn't, in the accepted ...

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