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And your point is? Addendum: It has just occurred to me that you might be referring to the fact that those who advocated eugenics and the supremacy of the Aryan race (ie the Nazis) were in the end defeated by those whom they regarded as being of inferior genetic stock. Is that the point you are making in your post above?

3 weeks ago

@carer - Are those people, of English slave descent, distinguishable by the colour of their skin in present day Rome and discriminated against because of it?  I don't think so. Do those who have fought (and are still fighting) for the rights of women in this patriarchal society of ours have chips on our shoulders?   You might think so. I most certainly do not. Is it right that there is ...

3 weeks ago

Perhaps that is what those who are descended from the once enslaved are hoping will happen sometime soon - a reckoning.

Seems it depends on the circumstances: An £85,000 benefit cheat has avoided jail despite breaching her suspended prison sentence by shoplifting. Jeanette Bishop, aged 56, swindled money from the state for nine years by claiming she was living alone – when in fact she was sharing a home with a working partner. ...

Racial integration and cultural integration are not necessarily the same things. I do not disagree that white lives matter. Because all lives matter. BTW - Whose country do you think this is?

and here's another example of benefit fraud: Maqsood Khan of CPS Mersey Cheshire's Fraud Unit, said: “Jonathan Lucas and Melissa Ellis are a pair of serial fraudsters who were falsely claiming a variety of benefits while living a very nice lifestyle indeed.

DAWLISH - 20/00451/FUL - Grattons , Langdon Lane - Extensions to bungalow to include raising of ridge to provide for second storey and construction of rear single storey extension and solar panels PDF 391 KB (on agenda as the applicant is the son-in-law of one of Dawlish's district councillors)

27 Aug 2020

Bridge House
25 Aug 2020

Lovely grounds - visited there some years back. So, let's now await the planning applications. On the other hand it could be left for years as a deteriorating eyesore a bit like The Old Rectory along Weech Road and the site of Daw Vale care home along Westcliff. Click here and scroll down to see announcement of its closure

Absolutely agree with you. Have looked up Powderham Events but can see no more scheduled for this year. Hopefully Powderham will get such good feed back that they will make it a regular event in 2021.

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