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TheC.  B. I. to want to keep us in the EU and are willing to to let the uk tax payers subsidise the trade they do by the UK tax payer to the tune of 49 Billion pounds. These companies should name themeselves so we can remember the stance taken over democracy. Start working for a living Instead of us bailing you out .No mention at T.May/CBI meeting about 14.7 million who voted brexit ...

I thought nobody could surpass Tony Blair for being deceitful to the British people. But Teresa May has  passed his treachery in spades.She has belittled us and made this country a friggin laughing stock . With Sir Ted Heath taking us into the Common Market with a  deal he signed us up for and later wrote that by the time we knew what was happening it would be too late. Now the ...

the great European Sir Nick Clegg has run away to a multi million dollar job, not I hasten to add in europe where most of his arse  licking has been,but to America.What a complete and unprincipled Shoyster this liberal is Again only thankful this S--- wasn't one of our war time leaders. There are more words I would use but alas!

well you  remainers i still don,t know where your meetings are. Or who the speakers are.

The prime Minister of Malta thinks we should re run the referedum. Maybe our brave servicemen and women during the last war they should have had a vote whether to risk thier lives in trying to save his shitty litle island from the Nazis. Maybe we should not forget the twenty seven countries who are trying to  make  us grovel. Every dog has it's day.

Thought I would pass on the information that's all .But for those who don't agree with above could you tell me where your bloody meetings are taking place ?

18 Sep 2018

Leave means Leave are holding a meeting on the 13th October at the Torquay Riviera International Centre at 1400hrs to approx 1600hrs. Speakers will be Jacob Rees Mogg MP,  Nigel Farage MEP  and Tim Martin CEO of weatherspoons. Tickets are £5.99 and can be puchased with more information on the Leave Means Leave Web site in the events tab Please attend if  your for leaving the E.U. and ...

Basics overcharged?
16 Sep 2018

With the highlighting, quite rightly so , for some females in what is called period poverty. which is a total scandal and should be sorted out. To some extent men are also being taken for mugs by manufacturers of razor blades. So much so in some supermarkets they are diplayed with a security tab fitted to the pack because I assume against theft. It's a wonder that an  armed guard is ...

Yet all things said and done I fancy the M.P.Don't agree with her stance on Brexit though.

Plant Spuds   Dig for Victory

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