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ITV breakfast Quiz
16 Oct 2019

What a Joke this company is. That bleat on about the envirement and saving the planet and our carbon footprint. In the next part of the programme they advertise the competition,which involves sending the presenter Andy Peters plus others half way round the world for a full ten minute slot to mention the prizes.Don't do as I do Do as I say. Oh Yeh!

Well I believe

Tory Leadership Vote
24 Jun 2019

Maybe after the alleged recent events, the wisest people in the ballot for the Tory leader were the two members who spoilt their ballot papers.

Although the Tories are in the main to blame for tv licences .It must be the the Director  General Tony Hall giving out gossly inflated wages to talentless uncharisismatic planks such as Gary ( walkers crisp)   lineker OBE. and Alan Shearer, Both whose wages exceed it is alleged 1million  pounds per year plus taxis. PS I'll do it for for Half of that. How many world Corespondents does ...

There are in in certain quarters that the government has cocked up the departure of this country leaving the E.U. at 11pm 29th March, The law was made and passed this was the date in parliament it was made law. Now from little I understand Teresa May did not go back to Parliament to have the law changed  to have more extensions.Curious that there is a total news blackout on this subject ...

With the present Labour leadership being to say the lease being invisible or accident prone, could it be Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, Charlie Faulkner and Gordon Brown  be making a pitch to take over the leadership of labour. This could be a ready made party to stop Brexit , because of  the void by  Jeremy Corbin's lack of policy or ideas . If so could there be anything worse as Tony ...

Can't think of any of this worthless talentless bunch of mealy mouthed toe rags to become Prime Minister. At lease I thought one could be more talented who bore her much wanted legacy of being the most incompetent worthless leader the tories have ever given to rule us. Just in case someone thinks i'm bias this also goes for labour's  Mr Corbyn.

27 May 2019

For the Conservatives to get back any capacity to deliver a total Brexit (being the party in power) is to de-select all the MP's who left th tories to join other groups and who defied the referendum made to the people to leave the E.U. Anything less would make the promise of any Brexit whoever the new leader is impossible. and a load ot bo--ocks.

My prophecy of not leaving the E.U. is to my dismay coming true. As much I have little time for Jeremy Corbin even he must know Teresa Mays offer to Share talks is a trap to blame Labour for her governments  total cock up. As Oliver Cromwell did Disolve this Parliament. Now!

End of Democracy
27 Mar 2019

Parliament  Should of been Disolved and all this rabble thrown out. This undemocratic lot who have thrown out the will of the people will I hope regret there stance, for we will not forget or forgive you.

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