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Anyone have a clue?

anyone have a clue why? Or is there some financial benefit, as I thought they must be employed by the Broadcaster they appear for.

Cut Costs get rid of  Channel 4 especially the news .

The powers that be are snubbing the CNN news agency  because it is alleged fake and biased news casting. Having watched Andrew Marr who continually interupts after asking a question and various other so called reporters such as Snow Maitless and others who search to get that head lining comment or answer. It is to improve thier careers or standing not for our benefit. With luck the ...

If you join this lot your can rest assured your chances of getting a knighthood increase greatly ie.(SIr nick clegg Sir, ed davey,Sir vince cable, and Sir menzies campbell) a bigger bunch of un principled bigots who deserves nothing more  than a boot up thier arses.

So that Harry and Megan can find to  have thier way. they have targeted us all especially in America as being racist.If they want to leave just go .I must say  there was a time I obviously gave him more credit than he and she were worth. We will never know the financial settlement the royals have bestowed on this couple just to keep thier gobs shut. But rest assured the people of this ...

But i told you so.Think this the third time! To those M.P.s who are not standinding Good Riddance.A very  well paid job I am sure awaits you. For those who are staying, Please be aware democracy is the peoples and paramount.Not your version or opinion. Wrote this without using any swearing or threats Amazing and unbelievable.

Well I did predict
17 Oct 2019

Can't remember when I said leaving the E.U. would be some like 34 to the power of 34, But sad to say as a brexiteer that the odds have increased by even more to at least 63 to the power of 63. or IMPOSSIBLE.

ITV breakfast Quiz
16 Oct 2019

What a Joke this company is. That bleat on about the envirement and saving the planet and our carbon footprint. In the next part of the programme they advertise the competition,which involves sending the presenter Andy Peters plus others half way round the world for a full ten minute slot to mention the prizes.Don't do as I do Do as I say. Oh Yeh!

Well I believe

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