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Dawlish News

Does the station really need two bridges? The new one with a lift looks good. Why not get rid of the old one?

I have family in Ukraine. They wanted to come here to us but its so complicated they are going to stay in Germany instead. They grabbed what they could and drove 20 hours to get to Poland. One of the questions on the application form asks people to prove they left Ukraine after February 23rd. Another wanted to know any mortgage details you may have. If you were bringing a dog there is an 11 page ...

Very well deserved.

It all happens in Warrennation street.

Glad they are gone but isnt this post a bit out of date?

I live on Riviera Terrace right by where the wall  was washed away. Evacuated for a month then weeks of work 24/7 outside our window. Didnt keep us awake at all!


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