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They should have been banned for life from keeping any pets as they are clearly not capable of looking after them properly.

There were none in Sainsbury's this morning.

@Deedoodle Be very careful. Did you ring them? If not, I believe this could be a scam.

For Sale
16 Feb 2019

Comes under property misdescription to describe something as having a bank nearby if there isn't one.

@Epicurus I’m in the same area & our electricity used to come via overhead cables & was fairly reliable but about 5 years ago we were transferred on the grounds of “safety” to an underground cable which was fed by the sub-station located on the new-ish estate of houses at Upper Longlands. Since then, we seem to have had power cut after power cut & have often suffered the annoyance of our ...

Great pictures of one of my favourite places. Love the porky squirrel!

Is this the 'affordable housing' that politicians and councillors keep banging on about?

Looks like there's been an outfall of sewage at the Viaduct, something that only happens after heavy rain according to South West Water.

With a bit of luck, someone on the train might have seen this senseless act and be able to give a description of the perpetrator. Deedoodle, I hope your wife is not too shaken up and it hasn’t put her off walking the sea wall.

What happened to choice? We are all being forced to go down the same road which doesn’t suit everyone, for all sorts of reasons. And don’t forget that these decisions are being made by people who are only interested in the money they are making for their own benefit and that of their shareholders.