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Cassandra's Posts

Lynne: isn't that because a planning application hasn't been submitted yet for Bridge House?

Disgusting person. Should have got a longer sentence.

@DEEDOODLE :  The Dawlish Warren variant, presumably

16 Feb 2021

Nice pics, but what's the coronavirus doing in nos. 6 & 8?

Waste of time and money. The thing is now irreparable and has become a blot on the landscape of Dawlish. The people living around it must despair. The rot set in when the council allowed the building of a modern estate of houses in the former grounds of a historic property and now there is no going back, however much 'Historic England' would like to.

19 Jan 2021

Personally, I think the current planning application should be passed as something needs to be done about this festering eyesore. What would be the point of the council issuing a Compulsory Purchase Order? It would be another property with no purpose which needs expensive maintenance funded by our Council Tax, in much the same way that the Manor needs ongoing maintenance, mainly due to its age. To ...

This echoes the complaints on Facebook over the past week from local people about mask-less shoppers being let into Sainsbury's in groups and not being challenged about their behaviour by staff or security. I stopped going to Sainsbury's earlier in the year because of concerns like this.

Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but it was an Italian captain who abandoned ship (Costa Concordia). Can’t allow the Greeks to be unfairly libelled!

Unfortunately, once planning permission has been granted, it appears that the Planning Department of TDC don't want to know. I am aware that John Petherick lives not far away, also our Mayor, Alison Foden, is just round the corner from the proposed site. Next time I spot one of the lorries causing a traffic hazard and pollution by reversing up Badlake Hill, I will get in touch with them!

6 Sep 2020

This is all very well and covers all behinds but who does one actually contact when something is going on which is in infringement of these conditions?