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17 May 2020 06:08

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18 Longlands, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9NG
Dawlish North East
Construction of two detached dwellings and sub-division of existing house to form two dwellings
Full Planning Application
Decision Level:
Delegated Decision
Case officer:
Claire Boobier
Date received:
Date validated:
Publicity expiry:
Target date:
Decision issued:
Applicant name:
Mr Cash
Applicant address:
Suite A, Unit 1 Yalberton Road Ind Est, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7PJ
Agent name:
Mr Tony Horsey
Agent address:
Torbay Business Centre, Lymington Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 4BD
Agent phone:


22 May 2020 15:52

Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee recommendation:

PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish North East APPLICATION REF: 20/00614/FUL LOCATION: 18 Longlands Dawlish Devon EX7 9NG PROPOSAL: Construction of two detached dwellings and sub-division of existing house to form two dwellings Comment: RESOLVED by majority of Members present and voting that this Council recommends NO OBJECTION to this application.  

2 Agrees
05 Sep 2020 07:18

Planning officers recommending approval. Decision due to be made by 10th September. 

1 Agree
05 Sep 2020 21:05

No doubt this will add to the traffic problems at this end of the town.

06 Sep 2020 05:29

TDC planners have requested, and the developer has agreed to provide: a schedule of hours of work; a plan of which roads/streets will be used by lorries etc to access Longlands, and where the site workers will park their cars.

When that information is on the planning portal I will post it on this thread so that those who live in that area of town will know what site traffic to expect, where to expect it, and when to expect it.      

06 Sep 2020 14:03

Thanks Lynne, but judging from previous experience with work being carried out in the area, there is a vast difference between what is promised by developers and planners and what actually occurs once planning permission is granted.


06 Sep 2020 15:08

Which is precisely why it needs to be made as public as possible what the terms and conditions are regarding times of work, routes to get to the site etc.

Unsurprisingly I have been known to kick off big time when a planning condition has not been met. Up to others if they choose to do the same  but they can only do that of course by knowing what has been agreed and then comparing that with what actually occurs. 


I don't live in that part of town so will not be able to watch what happens. 

So up to others.

06 Sep 2020 16:04

This is what TDC planners have asked for:


Prior to commencement of any part of the site the Planning Authority shall have received and approved a Construction Management Plan (CMP) including:


(a) the timetable of the works;

(b) daily hours of construction;

(c) any road closure;

(d) hours during which delivery and construction traffic will travel to and from the site, with such vehicular movements being restricted to between 8:00am and 6pm Mondays to Fridays and 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturdays, and no such vehicular movements taking place on Sundays and Bank/Public Holidays unless agreed by the planning Authority in advance;

(e) the number and sizes of vehicles visiting the site in connection with the development and the frequency of their visits;

(f) the compound/location where all building materials, finished or unfinished products, parts, crates, packing materials and waste will be stored during the demolition and construction phases;

(g) areas on-site where delivery vehicles and construction traffic will load or unload building materials, finished or unfinished products, parts, crates, packing materials and waste with confirmation that no construction traffic or delivery vehicles will park on the County highway for loading or unloading purposes, unless prior written agreement has been given by the Local Planning Authority;

(h) hours during which no construction traffic will be present at the site;

(i) the means of enclosure of the site during construction works; and

(j) details of proposals to promote car sharing amongst construction staff in order to limit construction staff vehicles parking off-site

(k) details of wheel washing facilities and obligations

(l) The proposed route of all construction traffic exceeding 7.5 tonnes.

(m) Details of the amount and location of construction worker parking.

(n) Photographic evidence of the condition of adjacent public highway prior to commencement of any work.


The development shall not be carried out unless in strict accordance with the approved details, unless the Local Planning Authority grants its prior written approval to any variation.


REASON:  In the interests of local amenity.





06 Sep 2020 21:44

This is all very well and covers all behinds but who does one actually contact when something is going on which is in infringement of these conditions?

07 Sep 2020 05:50

Well, you could contact TDC's planning dept.

My preferred option though would be to contact a local district councillor.

I'm guessing you live in Dawlish South West ward. 

You have two district councillors there - Gary Taylor and John Petherick. In this particular instance I would contact John Petherick.

Why? Because he is a member of TDC's planning committee and also because of where he lives vis-a-vis Longlands.

Hope that helps.


Home address: 
New House
Penfield Gardens

Phone:  01626 864655

Bus. email:     

07 Sep 2020 15:31

Unfortunately, once planning permission has been granted, it appears that the Planning Department of TDC don't want to know. I am aware that John Petherick lives not far away, also our Mayor, Alison Foden, is just round the corner from the proposed site. Next time I spot one of the lorries causing a traffic hazard and pollution by reversing up Badlake Hill, I will get in touch with them!

08 Sep 2020 16:04

Planning permission has been granted.

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