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Cassandra's Posts

Thank goodness for that. Somebody must have got them mixed up with Homebase who are closing about 40 stores around the country.

5 Feb 2018

Apparently, there is a question mark over whether Sainsbury's will stay open as they are having staffing difficulties.

Thank you, Lynne.

Can one of these cyclists please explain to me what is the problem about them using the cycle path (which, of course, was specially constructed at a cost of £1,000,000 from council tax receipts for them to use).

NatWest Teignmouth
6 Dec 2017

Have just read on Telegraph online that a flaw has been discovered in banking apps that leaves millions vulnerable to having their online accounts hacked.

6 Dec 2017

When I was in Barclay's the other day, the queue was nearly out of the door. A couple of the clients were doing fairly complex procedures such as transfer of ISA's and I wonder how easy it is to do this kind of thing online, given that it is very easy to make a mistake and type wrong numbers or wrong information. I have been caught out a couple of times by not inputting correct information online ...

Look out, it's behind you! (or is it in front, difficult to tell at the moment).

The signs were put up out of necessity and not because we like looking at the pretty colours on them. Why should we conform to the expectations of someone who is here for a very short time and sees none of the problems that the signs are meant to address?

10 Sep 2017

Be grateful that you have a doctor - there have been reports that in some parts of the country doctors have closed their lists to new patients.

Perhaps there would not be so much fly-tipping if the council made the local tip at Forde Road more user-friendly. Waited ages the other day to dispose of an old lawn mower until the queue was out on to the road while they were loading and unloading skips.