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Dawlish News

One day someone will come with an idea of putting the line inland away from the sea ....Dawlish Parkway!

GWR didn't run when the line collapsed into the sea!

12 Oct 2018

When will they build an inland line away from the sea?..the sea will always win!

That has to be so sad!

5 Oct 2018

Seems crazy how people sit / lay on the beach just looking at their phone!  next will be the phone that will allow you to text in the sea lol.

3 Oct 2018

How can Wi-fi boost the economy?  Is it so you can log in and compare prices and order from Amazon ..rather than buy in the shop! Free car parking to get people to shop in towns would make more sense!

We can make our own rules ...why not?..we used to.  Why should EU tell is what to do all the time. Maybe UK are just not capable of making decisions in 2018.

I wish the Remoaners who love EU so much would just move over there and leave is in peace! The vote was OUT ...get over it!

Rail line had to be closed day someone will dream up an idea of running a line from Plymouth - Okehampton- Exeter.

It has to avoid Dawlish you cant keep chucking money at it ...needs to be a reliable line at the moment it is not..  this weekend is the last straw for many..

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