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According to this UKIP would have had 82 seats Labour 199 and Conservative 242 if PR Sshhh Labour... thats even less than now with PR lol Will they have Liz whatshername as a Leader?

10 May 2015

There would be no mention of it lol

9 May 2015

Labour has had it ...lost it's way and if people are honest they know it. I am pleased Conservatives many are. Greens I think would have done better if only they would give us some kind of protection ..Russia off the Cornish coast a few months ago was bit of a worry.

9 May 2015

I knew sense would prevail... Labour did not admit the overspend last time, Did not allow an EU vote The SNP walked over Labour.. Immigration is their fault No wonder people did not vote RED ED. he was not a Leader. People need ambitions and to not sit at home and expect people to pay for them.. The worst vote for Labour since 1987 (sky news). Has been ...

Election 2015
8 Apr 2015

I think if Ed does not end up as PM..they will dump him and Tony Blair will be back!

7 Apr 2015

Tony Blair is back will it be a sure win now?

4 Apr 2015

Roberta do you not keep harping on about Thatcher? in your words............ 'stop livingin the past get with now and the future'

3 Apr 2015

Gordon Brown has a lot to answer for. Finance markets have got the jitters, the boat is already rocking for fear Labour that their 'spend spend and tax everyone' philospthy may be on it's way back again!   .

31 Mar 2015

Ed maybe the leader of Labour but nowhere near a leader compared to Tony Blair, I agrre User he should give the country a referendum...but hey that decision maybe his downfall. Guess we could have five years of Labour 'spend spend', giveaways through high taxes on wages as long as the Tories are prepared to put it all straight again in 2020!

31 Mar 2015

If you didn't see the Sunday this for a clear account of how Labour will fund their planned spend....

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