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Thanks for this. Perhaps I should create a new party in time for next Teignmouth elections. I would suggest the CFC party (Complete F* Chaos) and I would personally guarantee to the electors that we would cause it. Alternatively, I can continue to vote Sodemall.

Look at Bishopsteignton or Abbotskerswell - never mind the road access, let's build houses.

30 Apr 2012

@leatash Good news. I don't want to put off anybody who is happy with their supplier. Don

30 Apr 2012

Because I maintain a lot of people's computers, I have had to deal with plenty of providers - BT, Talktalk, Utility Warehouse, Virgin, Sky, Aol. Their customer service is universally awful when things go wrong - they are always falling over themselves to put the onus on you to prove that it is their responsibility, as opposed to yours or BT's (as infrastructure providers) and some threaten charges ...

Deputy Mayor resigns
26 Apr 2012

With no comment as to whether the account was hacked, it could be quite straightforward if one had access to the machine from which the application was used (or if the same password was used for other applications on that machine.)

The tone of the article, the quotes and the readers' views show how people interpret matters according the their own ideas and perspectives.

@Philip Thanks, but you certainly have no need to apologise to me. I would hope that visitors/ tourists etc. appreciate that this forum does cover serious issues alongside its other posts. I think that the home page does a pretty good job of covering the introduction to Dawlish.

6 Apr 2012

I used to make it obvious when I was frivolling. Perhaps I still should. Suffice it to say that I am one of the people that right-thinking people call wrong-headed, immature or just plain stupid. Don

6 Apr 2012

What about local issues that are repeated across the UK and should be national issues? Another category? Alternatively, we could ask the Webmaster to set up a watershed so that political posts are only visible after right-thinking people's bedtime. As I believe that almost any local issue has a political dimension, I suggest that we leave things as they are. Don

@bryony Good post. According to the politicians the unemployed fall into two categories: Those who are unable to work because of sickness or disability. On this basis, one might imagine that they are also unable to carry out much voluntary work. Those who are job seekers. They are supposed to spend their time demonstrably seeking work and should not have much time left over for voluntary work. ...

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