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In principle, I am talking in the abstract, although a vision of Teignmouth Town Council did enter my head. I don't know about Dawlish Town Council, other than what I read here. My other visions involve constant interference making it impossible to take a strategic view and its opposite, a lack of oversight allowing the manager to act freely. In either case, it would give the council an ...

27 Jul 2012

I can't help feeling that it would be a minefield for the jobholder, responsible to a council that cannot agree on policy and not part of that council.

I might say more if I thought you were interested in my opinions. As it is, you are sniping and missing.

21 Jul 2012

My views apply both to local and national politics and I was not commenting on the composition of Dawlish Town Council. I shall not elaborate here, other than to say that I am prepared to use the expression legally elected without quotation marks. The last sentence of my previous post was a frivolous end to an otherwise serious item. I am interested in any comments that you may have.

21 Jul 2012

@Nelson From the other current thread on this topic: "By the way, I asked questions as to who SP are, and was satisfied by the answer received." If you didn't care, why did you ask? If you were satisfied by the answer, how do you not know? For myself, I have no agenda, whatever that of other posters. I merely find it disturbing that it seems so difficult to find hard information ...

21 Jul 2012

I do like to see a measure of erudition in the banter. My apologies for returning to the main topic, but as both Nelson and MugOnHead seem convinced that they know who Shutterton Park Ltd really are, why do they not enlighten us, poor benighted heathens as we are?

It is probably like the displays of public grief after the death of Kim Jong-il. A newish Tory MP probably has to appear overcome with emotion at the wisdom of her glorious leader and the policies of the Party.

15 Jul 2012

Surely this was just one of those questions that is a put-up job to allow the PM to deliver a prepared response. @HuwMatthews2 - rabid Tory. an example of tautology from my perspective, but perhaps becoming a Tory is just one of the early symptoms of rabies like running around and biting at random.

18 Jun 2012

Also agree - Wee Shoppe.

On second thoughts, I shall abandon the CFC idea. It would be difficult to deliver on a promise to cause more chaos than the incumbents in a lot of town councils.

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