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And to reply with a poem, a very fine one. That is special, a good omen I think. Thank you very much Neil.

23 Sep 2012

Award-winning Dawlish poet, Graham Burchell will see the south west launch of his latest poetry collection, 'The Chongololo Club' as part of the third Exeter Poetry Festival on Saturday, October 6th at 2pm. The venue will be Exeter Central Library. The fifty four poems in the book revisit the poet's experiences and reactions to living and teaching in the small copperbelt town of Chililabombwe (the ...

The Book of Dawlish
16 Feb 2010

In October 2007 circumstances led Graham Burchell, an award-winning poet and children’s author, back to Devon after several years away in the USA, Chile, Mexico, France and Tenerife. On his return he set to work on a collection of poems in which he reassessed his homeland, Devon, and Dawlish in particular in the light of such an absence. The result is a sparkling collection of fifty poems that ...

General Discussion
General Discussion
21 May 2009

Here is a poem (a proper non-rhyming poem)from the official bard of Dawlish... BLACK SWAN On one leg I feel the deep-earth cool, the slide of an inch of water before it drops, white in sun sparks, and I swan-dream of a summer of days like this; my hard red mouth in the down of my feathers, black as anthracite gathering heat from a distant star.

Dawlish poet and children's author, Graham Burchell, had an article published about him and his recent children's book, "Chester and the Green Pig" in the May issue of Devon Today magazine. The book is the third of four fantasy novels he has written for children. The first two were very English and featured a lot of west country sounds. This was a bit hard-going for American ears. By this time he ...

When he lived in Greater London many years ago, Graham Burchell was familiar with the expression, you wait ages for a bus and two come along together. He didn't figure that years later as an award winning poet and children's author living in Dawlish, he would be able to say the same about the publication of his poetry books. Two slim works, sometimes referred to as chap books have been published ...