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Man has done more damage to the wild life on this planet, perhaps this is a small way to protect some.

Now that parliament will be officially disolved this afternoon, will the MP's that are now, be signing on at their local job centre. After all, many will be without a job and I presume without pay until either they are re-elected or until they find another job. ?????????????????????????????? I wonder.

3 May 2017

1. People who automatically qualify for a badge: A person is automatically eligible for a badge if they are over two years old and meet at least one of the following criteria: a receives the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance; b receives a Personal Independence Payment for being unable to walk further than 50 metres (a score of 8 points or more under ...

Clean air
2 May 2017

So the government has reluctanly decided not to appeal a decision by the courts that they must published the report on clean air and they have said they will publish before the 9th of May. So I can breath easier now

2 May 2017

Who's judging?

2 May 2017

leatash- the problem as I see it is how did they obtain a blue badge, what is wrong with them? Their disability does not appear from what you say, to affect their physical but it may affect something that is not quite so apparent. Cohne's disease allows people to have transport provided under some benefit, so I take it that those people will also be entitled to a blue badge. Should those ...

2 May 2017

Lawyers are everywhere and in everything. I see that they are taking over a milion pound a week from the tax payer. How is that happening? If you are disabled you have to go to court to prove your disability. Doctors are better than lawyers, doctors save lives whereas lawyers can destroy many, but official letter from your doctor proving your disability counts for nothing. What a ...

If I have missed it, I apologise, but what councillors turned up on the 28th, who in your opinion came out on top if any. And did you get any promises from any of them, if so what were they?

1 May 2017

Gary Taylor wrote:- " It makes me question who to believe and who not to trust". Does that not apply to ALL politicians whether they are upper class or lower class. My experience has shown me, they all go in with good intentions until they are shown the ropes and then hey bingo they are no different that any other.

I think it was the coalition that done the biggest damage to the lib dems - period. And I think the lib dem potential voters could do no worse than vote for someone other that the tories. Now wouldn't that be a shock to the system.