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General Discussion

Dawlish Warren
6 Apr 2015

Dawlish Warren very busy today, not much room in the car parks. More pics..

Sea Wall
6 Apr 2015

It looks like the wall is nearly finished. Soon beable to walk the whole way to Dawlish Warren from Dawlish along the wall.

Planting Volunteers
23 Mar 2015

Well done to all the volunteers who have worked so hard planting all the lovely bulbs and flowers. More pics...

Planning Application
21 Mar 2015

Thanks for that Michael. What about the large cement pots in front of the band stand?

21 Mar 2015

Planning application has been put in for the erection of a concrete statue on pedestal on The Lawn. Does anyone know anything about this?

I'm sure Dawlish is not on the list!

Network Rail Update
17 Mar 2015

The concrete pumping operations will continue from Exeter Road until late June 2015. This has been a result of changing methodologies on site to reduce the inclement weather risk to the works allowing them to better programme the activities. Concrete pumping will not be a continuous process and it will occur intermittently between now and June. With the ability to better programme the concrete ...

Dawlish Carnival 1987
14 Mar 2015

Found this video in the attic.

Please can anyone recommend a vinyl/carpet fitter.

Pie and Mash Night
5 Mar 2015

Sounds good. Dawlish Community College are hosting a ‘Pie and Mash’ Night on Thursday 19th March from 6.30 pm. GCSE Catering students will be involved in preparing and serving two delicious courses to guests during the evening with entertainment provided by our talented music and drama students.  Doors open at 6.00 pm and guests are welcome to bring their own beer or wine to drink. ...

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