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General Discussion

Farmers Market
11 Jun 2016

Good to see the Farmers Market again on The Piazza. It will be there on the second Saturday of the month 10am-2pm for the next three months.

Rural Skip
6 Jun 2016

Dawlish Rural Skip will be at Sandy Lane Car Park on Saturday 11th June from 10am - 4pm. This service is for bulky household waste only, no trade waste and a limit of one vehicle per household. For more information contact the Town Council or call the free helpline 0800 731 0323. Or visit

Just spoke to one of the chaps in charge of the traffic control signs and he said they are still waiting for the rush! See more pics...

Dawlish looking busy
28 May 2016

The Strand looking busy today and lots going on in the Lawn. More pics...

@Farty Bickers .

15 May 2016

This lovely silver leaf tree, not sure of the name but always sparkled when the sun was shining. And this plum tree opposite which had just finished blossoming.

Any Ideas?
8 May 2016

These seem to be popping up all over Dawlish and along the cliff path.

Sandy Lane car park
6 May 2016

Just seen this notice at Sandy Lane car park. Hope no one was planning on parking there to go into Dawlish shopping!

We have received information from a member of the public regarding an area which is being used for drug taking and underage drinking in Dawlish, by Elm Grove Road in the wooded area. This is an area where child sexual exploitation is a high risk. There were approximately six ‘dens’, some of which had remnants of alcohol and drug use. As a result, we have taken remedial action, dismantled some ...

We have the sea on one side and ... ...The country side on the other. See more pics...

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