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The good old days.

The bridge is open
26 Jul 2020

THE STRAND – DAWLISH – TEMPORARY PARKING RESTRICTIONS From Monday 27th July 2020 until 31st August 2020 there will be temporary parking restrictions in place in the centre of Dawlish. The road effected is THE STRAND only, between the pay and displays bays for the hours of 10am until 3pm. Disabled bays, loading bays and the STRAND Car park are not affected. This ...

No Cover
18 Jul 2020

Major police incident reported on Collapark in Totnes said to be an assault

@DEEDOODLE I had the same experience and find it quite frightening.

29 Jun 2020

Why weren't they closed down ?

Inside the two incredible cruise ships currently anchored off Devon coast

Just received this from a friend in Australia and thought i would share it. "Internal email for Staff in * Hospital Virus Detection The simplest way to distinguish Coronavirus from a Common Cold is that the COVID-19 infection does not cause a cold nose or cough with cold, but it does create a dry and rough cough. The virus is typically first installed in the throat causing ...

Walked down Sandy Lane this afternoon and saw a group of youngsters in the car park cheering on a lad in a white car driving around the car park showing off. You can keep young chilldren at home but what can you do about teenagers?

These are updated daily apparantly ... Cases: Deaths:

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