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Exeter Road
1 Jan 2017

A few days ago i saw a man measure the pothole and came back later to fill it in which he supposingly did. This is how it looks today.

The extra seconds are occasionally necessary because of unpredictable changes in the speed at which the Earth turns on its axis. Read more...

Police are investigating a suspected arson attack that destroyed a catering truck in Dawlish on Friday evening. Fire crews were called to the mobile catering trailer known as 'Love at First Bite' on Coryton Cove just before 9pm. Read more..

Lovely pics DEEDOODLE.

What a beautiful December day. See more pics...

Christmas Greetings
24 Dec 2016

Wishing the webmaster and all our friends a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Christmas Swans
11 Dec 2016

I expect they look lovely when it's dark.  Not a lot of trees over the shops in The Strand.

Aw i saw them yesterday, hope they will survive the cold weather and the seagulls.

More pics..

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