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Pics 3rd March 2018
3 Mar 2018

thank you @Diana Mond

1 Mar 2018

It's only 2pm and getting worse.

Pics 22 02 2018
22 Feb 2018

i think it maybe through the back of lanhern @flo

DEVON County Council has been blasted for a wrangle over three street lights in Dawlish.

A NEW coffee cup recycling scheme has been launched in Teignbridge. The banks can be found at Sandy Lane car park, Dawlish; B&Q car park, Newton Abbot; Eastcliffe car park, Teignmouth; Co-Op car park, Trago Mills; and Brunel Road recycling centre in Newton Abbot. Source: ...

I think a large bin is needed at entrance from Lanhern towards the town. A few other pics: Demolition started at Tucks Plot.

See page 2 of Dawlish Gazette. The outside services team has recommended something more transparent and robust which would stop the skatepark becoming a den where people can hide away. Why have a fence at all Teignmouth and Brixham haven't not sure of any others.

16 Jan 2018

Glass milk bottles making a comeback on Devon doorsteps

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