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General Discussion

Sunday 19th November
19 Nov 2017

Free Parking
4 Nov 2017

It will be free to park on Sundays in TDC car parks at Teignmouth, Dawlish, Shaldon and Dawlish Warren from 5th November until Easter.

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Maybe the best and safest place for the play park would be Sandy Lane. There are all the sporting facilities in that area e.g The skate park, Tennis courts, Football pitch, Astro turf, Bowling green and The leisure centre. A nice big colourfull sign pointing people in that direction would help also you can park in the car park all day for £1.50 which has toilets. I can understand the traders ...

Pics 09 Sept 2017
10 Sep 2017

Great pics DEEDOODLE. Today i saw a swimmer in the sea. Also i think the brook needs dredging.

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Lovely pictures DEEDOODLE. What a nasty man did you not have something that you could have wacked him on the nose with?

Very sad. Motorcylist has died following the crash thismorning

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