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PADM058 is the "approved device" certificate number assigned to Videalert RDS which is a ANPR CCTV system. I've never said Bournemouth or any other council currently use ANPR to enforce their off street car parks. What I've consistently said is that contrary to your belief, some ANPR systems are certified as "approved devices" for use under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (one example is in black ...

25 Jan 2018

Majorp it's unlikely Bournemouth use ANPR to enforce their car parks and your FOI request will no doubt confirm that.  It does not mean they cannot use it though so long as the use accords with Govt guidance. I'm suprised you're asking them considering you know everything.

25 Jan 2018

I'd like to know how much your 100+  freedom of information requests has cost us taxpayers majorp.

24 Jan 2018

Neither Exeter council, Teignbridge council or any other council will absorb the convenience/service charge for those opting to pay by phone. It will be the general public that will ultimately absorb these charges, either through higher car parking charges or cuts in public services like care, schools, libraries etc. Personally I see no benefit in making the general public absorb the pay by phone ...

Parking tickets
16 Jan 2018

That's right Diana Mond. The DfT approve devices that can be used for civil parking enforcement purposes under the Traffic Management Act 2004. Civil parking enforcement applies off street as equally as it does on street and therefore the approved device can be used for either on street and off street parking enforcement. Of course a council does not have to use their approved device for both and ...

15 Jan 2018

And another. I could keep going. Roadflow is a ANPR device.

15 Jan 2018

I'll leave it to others to decide which of us has best demonstrated credibility. Meanwhile here is evidence of a ANPR approved device that is authorised for use in the enforcement of civil parking contraventions by Bournemouth Borough Council in their enforcement area. Is there anyone else other than majorp who thinks no ANPR devices have been approved by the Secretary of State for enforcing on ...

14 Jan 2018

The only thing clear to me is that you say much but back it up with nothing. Let me make this very clear to you. These days if a council wants to purchase CCTV or ANPR devices (if it is their intention to use it for parking enforcement purposes) they can purchase one that has already been approved by the Secretary of State (via VCA) to be used for parking enforcement purposes under the Traffic ...

7 Jan 2018

On the 3rd Sept at 18:06 lines 7-8 was your first claim that local authorities cannot enforce anything with ANPR. On 21 Sept at 20:41 in your final paragraph you make the same claim and again on 22nd Sept at 19:00 lines 1-2 and more recent on 5 Jan at 15:16 you claimed approved devices could only be used for on street enforcement. On 6 Jan at 09:29 in your final sentence you once again claim that ...

7 Jan 2018

I've been discussing ANPR generally and the fact that the secretary of state has delegated certification of approved ANPR & CCTV devices to the VCA. They do it in and under his name. If you were only concerned with DCC & Devon district councils it would have been helpful had you made this clear and specifically said local authorities in Devon cannot enforce their off street car parks using ...

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